14196127_1013620852068723_24285881864501258_oIt’s an interesting label the new Buffalo group Turning Virtue have chosen for their debut album,  A Temporary Human Experience: post-progressive rock. It sounds like this would mean that the quartet’s music would be a step beyond prog rock or prog rock’s next logical step. Based on the album’s lead single, “Transcend“, however, it would seem that what it really means is an interesting and exciting melange of prog rock and post-rock.

The lyrical content of “Transcend” seems in line with prog rock; a little bit spiritual, a little bit fantastical. The music, however, is way more in the post rock wheelhouse, with Davey K and Carl Cino’s guitars sounding like a slowed-down Stooges riff, while the rhythm section hover on the line between punk and post-punk. It makes for a pleasant and melodic experience that is still alternative and not nerdy. This is a tough combination to pull off.

As a new band in the post-modern post-rock musical landscape, Turning Virtue have managed to come up with something new and different with “Transcend” and indeed with the entire album. “Transcend” can be streamed on Turning Virtue’s Soundcloud page, while A Temporary Human Experience is available to purchase on CD Baby.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdqeQu3kbFw]

Written by Layla Marino

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