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Rahm, or someone on Rahm’s team, has named his music as progressive rock, but that seems to be for lack of a better term.  A New York transplant by way of the Israeli desert, Rahm recently released an EP including five of his most recent singles. The title track of Between the Lines combines a number of stylistic elements; none of them are prog rock per se, but not of them aren’t, either.

rahmIn all of the tracks on Rahm’s new EP, the thing that separates them from any sort of silly labeling such as prog rock, or country rock is his raspy, soulful vocals. These vocals are throaty yet passionate and have that certain indiscernible soulful quality of other great vocalists like Tom Waits, David Bowie or Roger Waters. That is not an understatement; the vocals on “Between the Lines” and its EP mates are what makes the track so special.

“Between the Lines” contains many more nods to Pink Floyd in its epic composition and production. Guitar chords, backing vocals and sax solos which will remind audiences of The Division Bell. Rahm’s composition here is more emotionally overstated here, however, but not to any kind of fault. The track ends with a female chorus, sort of Kate Bush-like in tone and the closest Rahm gets to actual prog rock, but still way beyond that genre scope-and-style-wise.

Sometimes it’s good to disagree with classifications. In Rahm’s case, a short track like “Between the Lines” combines the theatre of prog rock, the dead air of no wave and the epic vocals of legendary songwriters to combine something new and untouchable in modern indie rock. This cannot be understated: listen to this track and Rahm’s whole album, Between the Lines. The easiest way to stream it as a whole EP is via the playlist on Youtube, but Rahm has all five songs for purchase on Bandcamp and even more tracks and a full album posted on his Soundcloud page.

Written by Layla Marino

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