vonkonowVon Konow in his current incarnation is relatively unkonwn to the US indie scene. If his debut single, “Cosmic“, is anything to go by, however, the Finnish art rocker clearly has some significant training in music theory and composition. To wit, Von Konow has been in the European music scene since the late 80s, and with his upcoming debut album, Lieder, it seems he intends to bring back Brit pop and power pop back with his theatrical style.

The composition of “Cosmic” is like an electronic Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Similarly, Von Konow’s vocals are highly stylized as those of a trained musical singer. It’s clear as the track moves on that the orchestral nature of “Cosmic” can’t be deined. Brit pop sounds of The Human League, The Psychedelic Furs or Spandau Ballet are evident, but scope is much wider and the production much cleaner. “Cosmic” is also quite diverse stylistically. On top of the orchestral indie pop is a house music transition, a swelling of French horns and even a country-style harmonica.

“Cosmic” released in May on Von Konow’s Youtube channel, well in advance of Lieder‘s anticipated January 13 release date. In the meantime another single, “Horses Run With Me” has been released as another of Von Konow’s beautifully produced videos. Videos will be released with each track on the album, so fans can understand the artist’s passion for both media. Both of the released singles can also be streamed on Soundcloud.

Written by Layla Marino

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