The Blue PoetsThe Blue Poets are a blues rock band out of Germany. That’s right, Germany. In recent years, Berlin and parts west have really taken hold of the European blues scene, in a large part because of resident blues guitar virtuoso, Marcus Deml. Deml has been compared to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix and even Clapton. As producer and songwriter for The Blue Poets, Deml brings his 40+ year blues veteran cache with him on the band’s debut self-titled album.

“Goodbye”, the second single released off the band’s debut, cements Deml’s reputation as a blues rock mainstay. The track opens with a guitar solo from Deml, starting with a classic blues bar and then going into the blues rock riff which will be come the backbone of the track. The music transitions abruptly then into the full band, and the feeling thus becomes more rock-driven.

Vocalist Gordon Grey, a well-versed bluesman in his own right, uses this opportunity to explore his stylistic range, as he really takes on the rock tone Deml has set. Grey is so rock in his vocals, in fact, that one may even be able to make comparisons to Collective Soul or some other indie band’s vocals. The rhythm section, comprised of Felix Dehmel and Phil Steen, follow and jam with Deml as he moves seamlessly from blues to rock and back to blues. Before the track closes, another almost achingly perfect solo form Deml which incorporates not only blues and standard rock but metal and even some Miles Davis-style fusion.

The only regret blues and blues rock fans will have when listening to The Blue Poets’ debut album is that this dynamic group didn’t find each other sooner. With Deml at the helm and Grey, Dehmel and Steen sharing his vision more than proficiently, this Hamburg group have a bright future and may end up quickly taking over the forefront of European blues rock. The video for “Goodbye” is available to view below, or on Deml’s Youtube page, where he’s also posted another music video for the track “With Your Eyes” as well as some fun band clips. The Blue Poets’ full-length album can be purchased on itunes.

Written by Layla Marino

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