youre-goddamn-right-cd-coverLA band Countless Thousands have taken bubble gum punk to new heights of poppyness with their debut album,  You’re Goddamn Right, and no single from said album proves their fun, upbeat brand of rock as much as “Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As”. That mouthful of a title is summed up by an even more charming video, directed by band frontman “Danger” Van Gorder.

To produce You’re Goddamn Right, Countless Thousands launched a Kickstarter campaign which reached three times its goal. To say that these super-happy punks are also mega-popular would be an understatement. “Webster’s Dictionary…”, the first single off the album, is about as positive as they come, extolling the preciousness of finding a perfect match and asking the question in the chorus, “…why the hell wouldn’t I marry you?” It’s about as cute and poppy as punk comes. The video takes the preciousness up even farther with a sort of split-screen visual representation of “you’re the ____ to my ____”, with, say, a pretzel on one side and mustard on the other. Each time the chorus plays, however, even more cuteness enters as canoodling couples smash through the line as a literal representation of these perfect love matches.

The only thing truly punk about Countless Thousands is their chord progression. Danger himself admits he was “a show choir reject who was never cool enough for punk rock”. You’re Goddamn Right is still, however, endlessly entertaining. Full of humor, clean vocals and music and humorous feel-good lyrics, it’s no wonder they were funded beyond their wildest dreams for this project. Clock below to see the video for “Webster’d Dictionary…” and visit Countless Thousands’s Youtube page to see their other raucous and funny videos. You’re Goddamn Right can be streamed and purchased on the band’s Bandcamp page.


Written by Layla Marino

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