Los Angeles has been flooded with performances this week as countless artists prepare for the Grammys Sunday night. Capturing the essence of industry parties and live events, CITI launched its inaugural “CITI Sound Vault” at the Palladium, providing fans with an exclusive insider experience of Grammy week. The five-night concert series began with back-to-back sold out shows of Sting. Continuing the live music intensity, night three welcomed Grammy award winning artist Beck to the stage as he headlined Friday’s concert performance.

The nineteen-song set list began with Becks hit single ‘Devil’s Playground.’ Fans quickly became backup singers as they recited every line alongside Beck’s delivery. With tough weather conditions and the biggest rainstorm in over a decade, Beck briefly thanked the crowd for attending and dealing with the hardship of Los Angeles traffic. Continuing the fast paced momentum, ‘Loser’ caused the audience to erupt with excitement as everyone passionately screamed the self-criticizing chorus. Having a plethora of hit singles in his arsenal, ‘Black Tambourine’ made an early appearance and helped solidify the feel good attitude projected from the stage with hypnotizing visual displays that illuminated the sea of people.

Between songs, Beck began to shed light and provide back-stories throughout the show. Before playing ‘Got It Alone,’ he mentioned recording that song in a Silver Lake studio with Jack White and often escaping into the streets of Hollywood to unwind. Midway through the performance, Beck invited a choir on stage to participate in ‘Blue Moon.’ Shifting from folk and alternative rock, the night steered towards a gospel adventure full of compelling excitement. Showcasing his musical versatility, he maintained a revolving door of acoustics and harmonicas with multiple electric guitars on stage. With politics being a trending topic as of late, Beck maintained his distance but cited the countries tumultuous events during ‘Just Like A Ship.’ With a few brief words, he shared how many people currently feel like a ship without a sail, seamlessly shifting onto another choir collaboration.

Much to the crowd’s delight, Beck shared he was asked to perform a few extra songs that didn’t make the setlist. As fans voiced their opinions with wild shouts, ‘Paper Tiger’ was selected as an impromptu addition. Fans were treated to a much-anticipated encore as everyone participated in ‘Where It’s At’ as a successful send-off. The grass blues melodies and occasional hip-hop elements intertwined with rock and gospel, blending multiple genres into an unforgettable event. ‘CITI Sound Vault’ continues Saturday night with Grammy-nominated duo The Chainsmokers and concludes Sunday with the pioneers of thrash metal, Metallica.


Devil’s Haircut
Black Tambourine
The New Pollution
Think I’m in Love
Soul of a Man
Go It Alone
Lost Cause
Blue Moon
Just Like a Ship
Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods
Mixed Bizness
Sexx Laws
Paper Tiger
Where It’s At