A new indie pop release has come out of San Francisco which is reminiscent of the early 00s. Natalise and the Sunset Run infuses classical, rock and choral influences to create an uplifting sound they hope will inspire gratitude and passion for life. The EP Glimpses of the Sun just released a this month, with its first video for the single “The Lucky Ones” posted on Youtube in November.

Natalise is a young talent who began her music career even younger, beginning piano lessons at just three years old. She attended the highly regarded San Francisco Conservatory of Music and is considered an accomplished classical pianist and vocalist. This would explain the subtle yet beautiful piano work in “The Lucky Ones”. The composition of this track is also flawless and polished.

Despite her classical training and even though it is bell-clear and pitch-perfect in “The Lucky Ones”, Natalise’s voice is full of character and indie flare. There is a kind of folksy, emotive quality to her chorus here, which helps to underline the strongly emotional yet uplifting lyrics. Natalise says the lyrics were about her own personal experience with health and some health issues her loved ones had, but she purposely made the message more universal. She suceeded, as this composition allows anyone listening to connect with it through both music and lyrics

With its classical polish and emotive effect, “The Lucky Ones” stands to be a breakout indie pop ballad for the spring. Similarly, the rest of Glimpses of the Sun reflects Natalise and the Sunset Run’s goal of music to inspire and give hope as well as console the soul. Click below to see the video for “The Lucky Ones”. Glimpses of the Sun can now be streamed on Natalise and the Sunset Run’s Soundcloud page.

Written by Layla Marino

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