Dylan Tauber is an ambient and trance producer from Israel with over 20 years in the electronic music business. He is best known for his aquatically-themed music and his own brand of what he calls “dolphin trance”. Tauber released two albums last year to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of his first album, Double Mirrors Soundtrack: compilation of greatest hits and Dolphin Trance 2, which contained remixes of some of his most famous songs as well as new tracks.

Tauber’s trance remix tracks occupy the first half of Dolphin Trance 2, but the second half really showcases his legendary style with six new ambient tracks. “Sun Rays” is one such track. A deceptively simple track, “Sun Rays” features a vocalist named Enlia, who is also prominent on much of Tauber’s other work. “Sun Rays” really sees Enlia’s vocals and Tauber’s ambient style working together in the best possible way.

The track opens with a synthsized swell, very reminiscent of classic experimental ambient music like Tangerine Dream. There is no discernible beat, yet these swelling synth tracks with their many layers seem to pulse around and encircle the listener, not unlike binaural beats. When Enlia’s bright, beatific voice joins this gentle wall of sound to create the melody, the track is transported to an even higher level of sound, and multiple tones combine to create a truly
breathtaking track.

The trick to making ambient music sound so full and rich as on “Sun Rays” is knowing what to do with the negative space where the beat and even a melody would normally be. With “Sun Rays” and the other ambient tracks on Dolphin Trance 2, Dylan Tauber has once again proved his mastery of this tricky technique. Dolphin Trance 2 is available to stream in full on Tauber’s Soundcloud page, and his entire catalog can be purchased via a number of vehicles, all listed on his website.

Written by Layla Marino

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