Night Lights have gradually established a dedicated following online with their debut single ‘Felicity’. Making their first performance of the year, the four-piece act headlined the Resident in Downtown LA, fusing their musical elements of electronic dance with addicting melodies. The multicultural group featured members from Mexico, Japan, Norway, and California, fusing their unique sound on stage. Lead singer Mau Jimenez began the night with ‘Things We Used To Know,’ earning strong praise from the audience while dancing wildly across the floor. Jimenez took early control of the crowd by establishing an amusing and friendly onstage persona, providing comical relief and backstories throughout the night.

The post valentine’s day concert supplied an alternative platform to relate with everyone present. Jimenez encouraged fans to get weird and unwind, receiving positive reactions and applause from all romantics present. Uniting lovers and heartbreakers alike, ‘Felicity’ received a warm ovation as many fans sang along to the endearing lyrics. Continuing the set list, ‘Hit The Water’ incorporated funk inspired melodies with high-pitched guitar riffs. With positive musical reinforcements projected on stage, the dance floor gently shifted into a slower paced direction with their song ‘Retreat.’ Originally inspired as a ballad, Night Lights added a slower tempo of dream pop with soft electronic layers, revealing their versatility and adaptability as musicians.

‘Childish’ served as the night’s dance anthem with rapid drumbeats and dirty guitar solos. Arguably one of the night’s most energetic songs, some fans participated with synchronized clapping along with the catchy beat. ‘Take My Hand’ concluded the night with a slow build emotional delivery. Nightlight’s ability to captivate a crowd is mesmerizing. Their lyrics resonate with each listener and portray stories for every imagination. Fusing indie rock, funk, and soul into their sound produces a unique element worth experiencing live. Night Lights are scheduled to release a new EP titled ‘Good Better Alright’ this spring.


Things We Used To Know
Hit The Water
Hold On
Make Me Smile
Take My Hand