New York based noise pop duo Sleigh Bells returned to the El Rey Tuesday night in support of their fourth album ‘Jessica Rabbit.’ Lead singer Alexis Krauss took the stage alongside guitarist Derek Miller, instantly receiving a thunderous ovation from the audience. After a fury of energetic riffs and hyped introductions, the night began with ‘Unlimited Dark Paths’ off their latest record. Krauss immediately began bouncing across the stage as an onslaught of strobe lights flooded the crowd, creating a flickered setting with vibrant overtones. On stage, large Marshall amplifiers decorated their set projecting the roaring sound waves that lingered for well over an hour.

The set list continued with ‘Tell Em’ off their debut album. Krauss acknowledged Tuesday nights in Los Angeles are typically quiet and mild but demanded 250 percent participation from the crowd. As she continued to entice the audience, fans responded with chaotic bursts of raw energy, proving that every night in southern California leads to complete debauchery. Continuing with their latest release, ‘It’s Just Us Now’ fused the dance friendly beats with heavy and distorted strings, causing a vigorous blend of rock anthem performances with pop driven melodies. As Krauss paced back and forth reaching high-pitched harmonies, Miller channeled his musical production mindset by providing a multitude of electronic riffs and mangled shreds.

Midway through the night, Krauss thanked everyone present for their support and dedication throughout their career, dedicating ‘Kids’ to those that have endured the journey from their inception. Krauss seemed to feed off the El Rey crowd, often jumping into the front row and crowd surfing as fans proudly paraded her towards the stage. Shifting towards a slower tempo, ‘Loyal For’ featured an appearance by Tunde Olanarian who has opened for the tour the past month. The heartfelt duet provided an emotional and sentimental experience, receiving a dedicated ovation from the crowd.

Before concluding the performance, Krauss asked Olanarian to return and perform the hit song A/B Machines. Fans instantly erupted with joy while Sleigh Bells and Olanarian added the final touches to a well-balanced concert performance.

Unlimited Dark Paths
Tell ‘Em
It’s Just Us Now
Bitter Rivals
Riot Rhythm
I Can Only Stare
Born to Lose
Comeback Kid
Infinity Guitars
Crown on the Ground
Loyal For (Featuring Tunde Olanarian)
Rule Number One
A/B Machines (Featuring Tunde Olanarian)


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