Erich Mrak is a Canadian hip hop artist with a new single called “Summer Dealer”, produced in part with Bento, another up-and-comer out of Toronto. Mrak’s songs prior to this one have had hints of electronica, but”Summer Dealer”steps fully into electronic territory with a smooth but steppy trap beat.

“Summer Dealer” opens with R&B throwback melodies thanks to the retro-sounding synth melodies and just a touch of early 00s autotune, not that Mrak needs it. Mrak’s vocals here are smooth and almost sung, more like the UK’s concept of rap in grime or UK garage.

The beat is light and chill and straddles trap, dubstep and halftime like many producers are doing lately, but it’s still light and steppy and the bass is more ambient than the average trap or dubstep tune. With the twin melodies of the keys and Mrak’s vocals and relaxed, weed-centric lyrics, it’s a great way to make a subtle R&B/hip hop/crossover jam, and a great way to close out the summer.

“Summer Dealer” is out now on Erich Mrak’s Soundcloud page.



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