Lunar Lander Dance Commander are a bubbly pop punk group from Saskatchewan, Canada. The band just released their debut EP called Liquid Smooth, and it’s a combination of psychobilly, indie pop and grunge with no skimping on the fun.

The first single and video off of Liquid Smooth is called “We Won’t Go”. Lunar Lander Dance Commander’s shows are notorious for being trippy and off the wall, so it makes sense that they would pick one of their live performances to stand as their first official music video. The track itself has the afore-mentioned psychobilly feel guitar-wise and the song composition and harmony runs that line between grunge and punk that GenXers love so well. Vocalist Stephanie Wilkinson is what adds the pop aesthetic to the band, both musically and visually. She’s definitely a firecracker onstage, and one doesn’t even need to see the video to make an educated guess at that. The ironic bubbliness of Wilkinson serves to round out the band’s sound, and she also provides even more 80s flare will well-placed synthesizers. The track is throwback and modern, familiar and unique all at the same time.

Here’s hoping the continue on the path they’ve blazed with Liquid Smooth by fusing pop punk and electronic trippiness in future releases as they’ve clearly got a knack for it. Liquid Smooth is out now and available to stream on Lunar Lander Dance Commander’s Soundcloud or on iTunes and Spotify.



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