Being originally from Moldova, it stands to reason that Flaviyake, conceptual electropop artist would probably get a bit of a culture shock on arrival in the United States, especially if her first stop is Los Angeles. Especially if she’s in the music industry. Even though Flavyiake worked on her unique brand of art pop in Russia and London before coming to LA, she’s become quite fascinated with the unique culture and attitudes towards women in the United States so much so that her newest LP release, Bad in Bed is her third on the topic.

“After reading many articles saying what women should not be texting or saying to a man I decided to write and album about the freedom of the expression of women’s feelings,” the artist said about Bad in Bed, which released in June. As she’s a concept artist, Flaviyake has re-invented her look as sort of a Leeloo-from-The Fifth Element detached observer who is completely perplexed and saddened by the way love, sex and art operate in this strange planet of Los Angeles. This styling along with the poignant lyrics in the album and the space-inspired music create a whole indie pop package for the album which may remind audiences of Lady Gaga or MGMT.

Musically, Bad in Bed ranges in style from super-electro bubblegum pop like in the title track to the more pop end of dubstep and trap in “Alive” and “The World in Blur.” The structure of each song is definitely pop, and some tracks like “Love Is Blind” have 80s retro elements. It makes for an interesting musical journey for the uninitiated, and the album will likely attract a wide range of fans from indie pop fans who collect Hello Kitty partially out of irony to K-pop fans and EDM audiences.

Bad In Bed is out now and available on Flaviyake’s Bandcamp page or on itunes.

Written by Layla Marino

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