Cameron Williamson, aka Zenxienz, may not be human with the rate at which he’s releasing albums. He just recently released Brainforest in early August, and he has now come out with another full album of experimental EDM. Cosmosis, releasing on November 17, will be his third album in less than a year.

On Brainforest, Zenxienz’s previous album, he began experimenting with more  experimenting with more EDM beat structures like house, dubstep, halftime and drum and bass. This was a bit of a departure from his previous ventures as he was well in the ambient and experimental wheelhouses, creating weird and largely non-patterned tracks with no discernible beat. Both Brainforest and now Cosmosis are very different just for the fact that their tracks have danceable beats.

Only two tracks have been released from Cosmosis thus far. “Flutter”, a spacey (mostly) halftime track which incorporates a number of new age elements and “Elysium”, a Dadaist still very much show Zenxienz’s experimental roots but he is definitely ramping up the dance appeal.

Nearly all the tracks on Cosmosis contain some form of drum and bass beats or broken beats. Some tracks, such as “Synesthesia”, “Dao” and “Aya for an Eye” are more on the dance end of the spectrum, while others like “Aurora” and “My Grip Weakens” are more in line with his earlier ambient work. Still others a not only bring in the beats of drum and bass and bass music but also the other most important element: bass. Tracks like “Fusion Dissolution” and “Sapiens” have a definite souciant of grindy, heavy basslines that are the bedrock of bass music.

With his rate of production speed, it may not be very much time at all before fans will know if Zenxienz will stick with this bass-and-beats-heavy plan for a while. In the meantime, Cosmosis is a great example of what happens when an artist steps outside of his or her box, even if the box didn’t have walls or structure to begin with.

Cosmosis releases on November 17 and will be available on Zenxienz’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages.



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