The canon gothic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson has been an inspiration to artists for 133 years. This Halloween season another one of our favorite creatives has incorporated the story’s motifs into her own narrative. In the new single titled “JEKYLL & HIDE” Bishop Briggs wrestles with the complexity of human psyche and faces the temptation to cross over to the dark side. Will she resist? Or will she succumb to the allure of internal conflict knowing how much substance it provides for creative outlet?

“JEKYLL & HIDE” is the third single from Bishop’s new album Champion, due to be released November 8. Not that we expected anything less, but the level of Bishop’s energy and expression explodes beyond measure yet again. We start slow, the sound of church organs in the background, the clam before the storm. The lyrics warn that we are facing the winds of fate here, storm’s brewing up above… and then boom! Like a bolt from the blue, the song suddenly resonates with the sound of electric guitars and Bishop transforms into Mr Hyde, no kidding. The anger begins.

Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time? Where’s My Mind?

The main theme of this single is one of confusion in the broad sense. You’re in your head, disoriented because there seem to be two people playing chess in your heart – somebody who’s been toying with your feelings and… well, you. Let me explain. Beyond a shadow of a doubt Bishop is upset with how a person close to her (or their alter ego) behaves. Sweet and then you’re sour, changes by the hour, never know which one I’ll taste. Hot and then you’re freezing, different every evening, baby you drive me insane. It’s super puzzling, isn’t it?

However, given the context of the song, could she be part of the problem? In love, when it’s a constant struggle, there are opposing forces at work inside you too. On the one hand, you know the relationship is unhealthy for you, it should feel way more natural than that, much less sweaty and dramatic – everything tells you to end it. Yet, you do remember the good times, the laughs, the adventures. Sure, he’s no prince charming but nobody’s perfect, right? Oh, the constant battle of light and dark, day and night, Jekyll & Hyde.

Pleasure is a kind of pain…

What’s it gonna be this time, trick or treat? With a serious look on her face Bishop sings her heart out verbalizing the dilemmas we’ve all experienced in our lives. Choosing between what is easy and what is right is always right but never easy. This is why we need songs like “JEKYLL & HIDE”, to let our frustration out. Can you hear the passionate Rrrah! at the end of every chorus? Curse and shout if you must Bishop, eventually we all have to make a decision. May strength and courage never leave your side in those confusing times.


If I am the chief of sinners, I am the chief of sufferers also.

― Robert Louis Stevenson

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I am so PROUD to announce that I have a NEW ALBUM COMING OUT ON NOV 8 and it's called…. CHAMPION and you can preorder it now! I truly feel like this is the most vulnerable music I've ever written. I decided to not hide behind my own metaphors and poetry and however difficult it was to write, I told the truth. I wrote this in the midst of a breakup and I truly felt so alone. In hindsight, I think I wrote the album that I needed to hear at that time. So, my hope is that it does the same for you. I hope this album can be the hand that wipes the tears from your cheeks, the shiver down your spine when you feel like yourself again, and the lightness in your spirit when you have closure…even if its just for a fleeting moment. Thank you for allowing me to be so vulnerable and I can’t wait for this to be in the world. I also released a new song called JEKYLL & HIDE today off the album. The title is spelt Hide not Hyde. GET IT!??! HEHE!!!! Word play gets me way too hype. I wrote this one with @kflay and it was produced by @iamjoellittle . In the chorus, we wrote "are you Jekyll & Hyde-ing me?" as a way to describe the chaotic feeling of dating someone who has two very different sides. I hope you like it. And if you don't, please don't tell me. I'm far too sensitive to hear that.

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