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Discover Something New At Coachella

Coachella is a great place for fans to find new music. The Killers started off in a tent, as well as Cage the Elephant and other huge acts that are at the top of the charts today. If you find yourself hung over, wandering around the polo fields with a coconut in your hand looking for something to do, check out some of the bands you need a magnifying glass to see on the lineup. You’ll find everything from ridiculously talented kids, to buzz bands, to the straight up weird.

Queen and the Argument Every Music Fan Has With Themselves

After making several appearances with Adam Lambert, including the televised iHeartRadio Music Festival and MTV European Music Awards, Queen has officially announced a U.S. tour featuring the American Idol singer. Thus begins the argument every Queen fan born after 1980 is bound to have with themselves: This is the closest I will ever get to seeing Queen vs. without Freddie, there is no Queen. When it comes to stage presence and pure vocal talent, there is nobody better than Freddie Mercury. NOBODY!


For those who are unfamiliar with Cantor, here’s what you need to know: he’s the guitarist for Tally Hall, he likes bananas and rice cakes, he has a solid beard, and he writes fun songs. The first single off the album, Old Bike, has a lot going on in the most glorious way. It’s one of the cutest songs you’ll ever hear about a bicycle (obviously, Queen’s Bicycle Race is the best bike song ever). According to Cantor, Tally Hall is currently “in hibernation, ” so why not write a catchy ass song about a bike to pass the time?

Jessica Shalvoy

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