Jude Valentin

Moose Blood (support by A Will Away, Boston Manor, and Trophy Eyes) at Bottom Lounge in Chicago 3/21

The band to start off the night was A Will Away. They started the night off strong with a lead singer with amazing stage presence and versatility in his voice. The slower songs packed a punch and the vocals were very controlled. The guitar parts were all very different from one another and it was very pleasing to listen to. The crowd seemed very interested in their music and it put everyone in a great mood for the rest of the night. There was a very old school emo quality to their music, some parts of songs even reminiscent of Motion City Soundtrack at times.

Ducktails at Bowery Ballroom 8/7/15

A true sign of an artist is being able to create this sense of resonation with the audience. Ducktails’ music creates this feeling of striking a memory deep inside of the crevices of one’s brain that they might have forgotten about; nostalgia for places one has been, and wanderlust for places that one wishes to go.

Jude Valentin

Contributor Writer / Photographer

Ellenwood NYC contributor writer / photographer