Dear Nemesis,

Today I picked up a guitar and tried to exorcise my demons. I almost managed to defeat them but the thought of you brought them all to freedom instead…

To set the record straight, if I had known that Jacob Lee took part in the Australian edition of The Voice, it would have probably discouraged me a little from exploring his music. However, unlike the majority of his fellow constants, Jacob Lee is a force to be reckoned with. Being a lone wolf without a manager or a booking agent, he will also be recording a long play album under his very own label Philosophical Records. And they say artists are rarely entrepreneurs.

As for the song in question, “Demons” is a powerful description of what it feels like to perceive the world through the prism of an emotionally intelligent person. The intro alone will immediately make you feel a rapture deep in your structure. Consisting of electric guitar sounds it serves as an introduction to a journey below the surface of sadness. As the song unfolds, we find out that somebody or something obviously served as inspiration for it. Would that have been a muse, a nemesis or, perhaps, both?

Jacob Lee transfused his sorrow and anger into emotional verses and a compelling chorus. Considering the fact that he wrote the song himself, honestly, it allows us to read the guy like an open book, and may I add, a very attention-grabbing one. Betrayal, disappointment, regret – these are just some of the demons he clearly had to battle with. Having been through a fair share of unpleasant experiences, Mr. Lee is now able to create music that will support and guide others through their own tough times.

During the course of our lives, it is inevitable that most of us will encounter individuals who will turn our lives upside down and then… disappear. When you have built a deep and meaningful relationship with someone and they are suddenly gone from your life, it is only natural to hold on to a shred of hope that maybe not all is lost, maybe you can still restore the magnificence of that relationship you believed in so much. The harsh truth is, it is rarely possible. That’s just life, loss is part of the deal. Nevertheless, all that sorrow can still be reforged and donned as part of your armor. And trust me, you’ll need one for your Nemesis has just been born.

It still hurts. Piece by piece you’ve taken everything from me and left me hollow. I hate you. I love you.

Yours Fornever,

Jacob Lee


I want you to be alive… @logic

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