An Intimate Conversation with (not so) Late Bloomer Malia | Interview

It was soon after her opening set for Syd at the Observatory Orange County in Santa Ana when I met with Malia to discuss her future as a solo artist, what inspired her to chase the seemingly impossible dream, growing up in a non-musical household, her hopes for the New Year, and all things in between. With her debut album “Late Bloomer” release on the horizon, her journey as a soul pop singer-songwriter is one you don’t want to miss.


It was Thursday night upstairs of the Roxy when I sat down with the indie rock trio FOXTRAX before their first Roxy performance as the headliner. I knew from my own research that their following was growing at an incredible rate


Everyone's favorite synth-pop artist Lights talks about upcoming album, goals, fan base and being a role model. We caught up with the Canadian singer-songstress Lights at the Pyramid Alehouse in Seattle, WA with the Mowglis.

WOLKOFF Interview

Joanie Wolkoff (her current incarnation is known best as Wolkoff) is a Canadian synthpop artist whose travels have brought her to Brooklyn after making a few pit stops around the world, this Friday she’ll play the New York CMJ festival and it won’t be surprising to see her following grow even more afterwards.

Ellenwood Interview with Eden Xo

Eden Xo, a young and ambitious artist is preparing herself for the next step into superstardom. Having experienced a nationwide beside Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj. Eden awaits the release of her debut EP in January 2015 with her hit single "Too Cool To Dance, " a musical interpretation about removing labels and judgements from the outside crowd. Her next single "The Weekend" is slated to be released shortly. While finding an escape from the studio, she took the time to answer a few questions ranging from fan interactions to 90s hip hop and guilty pleasures.


CHVRCHES released their critically acclaimed debut album The Bones of What You Believe at the end of September 2013. The band's first single off the album, "The Mother We Share, " is the #1 Song on the Sirius Alt 18 Countdown and is currently climbing its way up the Alternative radio charts.

Ellenwood Interview with Mother Falcon recently caught up with Mother Falcon, an exceptional group of musicians from the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. We caught up with them upon their first few days of residency in Los Angeles, California and to say Mother Falcon is unique is an absolute understatement. Here is a group of classically trained musicians, pushing the envelope and absorbing and then interpreting modern/alternative rock n' roll through traditional woodwind, brass and stringed instruments. Their energy is nothing short of amazing…with at least fourteen musicians onstage collaborating is a phenomenon to watch (and in my case, interview)….they dress alike and when on tour they live together – this makes the whole musical experience almost sublime. Their most recent album, “You Knew” is brilliant. If you get to see them live ….you will be absolutely stunned. There are no words to describe their musical talent.

Ellenwood Interview with Dave Stewart [Lucky Numbers]

Dave Stewart is a 21st Century Renaissance Man...when he's not collaborating on a documentary with Stevie Nicks, he's working on a graphic novel and after that he's developing an animated feature film to coincide with the release of his album, "Lucky Numbers" this fall. Oh-wait, we're not done. There's a Broadway show being developed and he recently produced Orianthi's latest album, "Heaven In This Hell". At the end of the day he relaxes and meets up with his friends for dinner. They just happen to be Paul McCartney and Ringo Star and he still finds time to go check out clubs in fashionable Silverlake where his friends, the Rolling Stones are playing and happen to be doing a warm up gig for their 50 and Counting tour.

Ellenwood Interview with LIGHTS [SIBERIA ACOUSTIC]

LIGHTS ON at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Lights played her acoustic album Siberia to a sold out crowd and there's no doubt she brought her best game to the city of Angels. In my mind, Lights can do it all. She has the talent and the patience to take an album full of synths and dubstep and weave it into an acoustic force majeure.

Ellenwood Interview with Emma Louise

Ellenwood caught up with Australian Emma Louise before she kicked off her US tour at Hotel Café last Friday night. We talked about her new debut album "Head vs Heart" (which will be released in the USA on May 21st, 2013) and her song writing process and inspirations.

Ellenwood Interview with LIGHTS

Fans lined up in front of the Fonda Theater at 8am in the morning on Sunday October 28th , 2012. And it wasn't to get tickets to see her — they already had them. They wanted to make sure they were in the front row. At about 2:00pm in the afternoon, Lights showed up in the tour bus and spent about an hour in the front of the theater, signing autographs and talking to her loyal fans. They appreciated it and when she took to the stage at a little after 9pm that evening, she didn't disappoint. According to those fans who waited 12 hours to see her perform up close and personal -- it was all worth it. Lights' voice was solid all through the night and her energy and enthusiasm got everyone in the room dancing and singing.

Ellenwood Interview with FALLING STILL

Hemmingway's latest featured artist completed week two of their month long residency this past Tuesday night. Los Angeles based rock group 'Falling Still' took advantage of the intimate location by adding cube lights and multi-colored strobes, blending well with their modern yet contagious sound.

Ellenwood Interview with Gold Motel [Greta Morgan]

Greta Morgan, the lead singer of Gold Motel and also plays keyboards sat down with Ellenwood and had lunch at Tony's Mexican Grill in North Hollywood to talk about the bands new album and their East coast tour. On July 3, 2012 Gold Motel releases their second self-titled album, "Gold Motel". Greta will head back to Chicago (the bands hometown) where Gold Motel will do an in-store performance at Saki then go on tour where they'll be playing everywhere from St. Louis to New York City.