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LIGHTS at the 18th annual Snow Cap Party at Pyramid Alehouse, Seattle 12/5/15

Lights is original and talented and a woman we are not going to be able to keep in a box. She sings about dilemmas and performs with a ton of energy and raw talent. Lights knows how to connect with her audience and between songs accepts cool artwork from her fans. Without knowing her music, her charm and skills will win over even the most strict music enthusiast.

Robert DeLong Awes Fonda Theatre Crowd With Magical Performance

LA’s killer multi-instrumentalist had at least 75% of the crowd donning some sort of face paint in support of DeLong, who always rocks the look when performing. I spoke with one of the girls at the show who was doing the face painting, she said DeLong recruits people to volunteer to do the job at his shows. But it’s just one of the many things that makes DeLong stand out as a live performer.

Kate Nash at The Echo 9/3/15

Whether Nash and her aptly named "amazing girl band" consider themselves "cool girls, " the crowd certainly seemed the think so. The foursome played to a packed, sweaty crowd at Los Angeles' The Echo, trading old hits with new numbers for an all out raucous show.

The Cringe at the Barclay, NY

Currently supporting Mötley Crüe on ‘The Final Tour’ alongside Alice Cooper, The Cringe made a close home stop appearance in Brooklyn unleashing aggressive tunes that solidified the evening direction. Lead singer John Cusimano took advantage of the wide stage, kicking off their set list with ‘Anything You Say’ off their upcoming fourth studio album ‘Blind Spot’. Cusimano stormed from coast to coast on stage as attendees filled the arena. The multi-layered metal renditions were quickly welcomed as they fused rapid melodies with head banging action. With high-pitched rhythms and contagious drumbeats, their presence was instantly felt.

Ducktails at Bowery Ballroom 8/7/15

A true sign of an artist is being able to create this sense of resonation with the audience. Ducktails’ music creates this feeling of striking a memory deep inside of the crevices of one’s brain that they might have forgotten about; nostalgia for places one has been, and wanderlust for places that one wishes to go.

Imagine Dragons’ Smoke + Mirrors Tour at Tacoma Dome 7/31/15

Imagine Dragons performance at the Tacoma Dome on Friday July 31st was a show stopping musical performance at it very best. The group began their show with the very catchy, "Shots" and Dan Reynolds high-energy performance was intoxicating and indeed, the audience appreciated every second of it. "Shots" seems to be all over the airwaves right now and to start the show off with that song is very brave. Where do you go from there? Right into "Trouble" and the timeless teenage anthem, "It's Time".

METRIC at Tacoma Dome 7/31/15

Metric played the Tacoma Dome on Friday, July 31st and for being in the indie-music business for 15 years their experience and performance sure did leave everyone in the audience only wanting more. Seattle has always been good to Metric, as Emily Haines said, radio satiations like 107.7 The End, have been big supporters of Metric since the beginning. Emily Haines vocals were astounding and her dancing and positive vibes were endearing and most of all contagious. They love performing, "Stadium Love" proved it and the audience responded with singing and hanging on every word the lead singer spoke between songs.

Penguin Prison at Neumos 7/21

Penguin Prison came all the way from New York City and delivered a performance at Neumos in Seattle Tuesday night that got everyone dancing to their indie-electronica sound. What’s indie-electronica, you ask? It sounds like disco from the 70’s, mixed with dance beats from the 80’s and topped off with a pop music from the 90’s. It’s hard to define but it will most definitely put you in a good mood.

Failure at The Space At Westbury Westbury, New York 7/18

Since their early 2014 winter reunion, Failure have expanded what appeared to be a intimate performance in Los Angeles onto a much wider platform. Nearly two decades later, the highly anticipated four album ‘The Heart Is A Monster’ made it’s debut last month, gracing fans with nineties nostalgia and a firm statement that music still carries a pulse. With a few selected European dates this past spring, the three-piece act began a nation tour stopping at the Westbury theatre in Long Island.


After a short holiday break, one of the hardest working bands in music today, THE BAND PERRY, will pick up where they left off at the end of 2013. Days into the New Year, the award-winning sibling trio will kick off the North American leg of their first headlining tour - WE ARE PIONEERS WORLD TOUR - this Thursday, January 9th in Penticton, BC at the South Okanagan Events Centre and will continue well into the spring. For their first-ever headlining arena tour, the band will unveil a brand new production, including top-notch stage and lighting design and a vamped up set list. The show will be bigger and more dynamic than anything we've previously seen from The Band Perry. Easton Corbin and Lindsay Ell will support.

HEART at The Greek Theatre “Kicking and Dreaming – A Story of Heart, Soul, And Rock & Roll”

The music industry is a tough business. The music industry is especially tough on female performers. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact and I can prove it. In the 1950’s we lost Billie Holiday, in the 1960’s we lost Janis Joplin and then came the 1970’s and we were blessed with the vocal talent of Ann Wilson and the premier guitar playing skills (and voice) of her younger sister, Nancy Wilson. Three and a half decades later, we are still listening to Heart and in their book, “Kicking and Dreaming – A Story of Heart, Soul, And Rock & Roll” it masterfully describes how they survived the debauchery of the 1980’s and kept their sense of humor and are still giving five-star performances today. This review will be a mash-up of their recent shows at The Greek in Los Angeles on August 22, 2013 and at The Santa Barbara Bowl on August 27, 2013.
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Three Times The Charm For Tom Curren and His New Album IN PLAIN VIEW

The Cafe Luna in Summerland California, seemed like the appropriate spot to meet surfing legend Tom Curren, for a chat about his music career and his new release, “In Plain View”. The location seemed especially relevant since the track on the new11 song CD, receiving the most airplay, is called “Summerland Road”. But all is not always as it seems, as Tom would inform me that “the track was actually inspired by multiple signs in Australia”. The same may be said of the enigmatic persona of Tom, himself. All is not always as it seems. For those who don't know him, the shy introspective man may appear as though he doesn't have much to say. His answers to direct questions often tend to be delayed short simple responses. But those close to him realize that like many famous artists, he is very thoughtful, but does not think in the same dimension as an ordinary person. Instead he is always thinking of a different way to view a question or approach an endeavor. Much like David Hockney views the world through his photography, or Salvador Dali saw the world as surreal in his paintings, Tom is always looking to approach his projects in a unique and new artistic way.
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Black Sabbath 13 First New Recording by Original members in Over 30 years

A group of 60 excited music reporters and special guests were invited to a secret listening party for the first Black Sabbath album in almost 35 years. The mysterious event took place behind closed doors at the Montalban theater in Hollywood. Guests were ushered in to the lobby of the offbeat venue, where everyone was searched for photography and recording devices. Even cell phones were confiscated to help keep wraps on the project. Patrons were treated to an open bar while the first classic albums of the band were played over the sound system. From the opening of the first album, with the iconic ringing bell amidst a thunderstorm, anticipation hung like humidity in the air. As the doors opened to the theater, three large screens revealed the artwork of the new album cover. Reality TV star Jack Osbourne(son of Ozzy) made the welcoming comments and introduced a short documentary on the making of the album. The documentary featured legendary producer Rick Rubin and the three original members of the band. Lead singer Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, and bassist Geezer Butler all appeared in the film. It was perhaps, no surprise that original drummer Bill Ward did not participate in the project. Suffering from poor health in recent years, he had to pull out of most of the planned reunion concerts last year. What was surprising to learn was that it was actually contractual obligations that kept him from the recording project. It was now guitarist Tony Iommi who was having life threatening health issues. The recording process was moved to Iommi's home studio in Birmingham England so he could continue his (successful) chemotherapy treatments. Rubin suggested bringing American rock veteran Brad Wilk of “Rage Against The Machine” to the project. Rubin had recently worked with Wilk on Dave Grohl's masterful movie and concert project “Sound City”.
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Album Review: Dragonette “Body Parts”

You may know this Canadian trio from their smash hit "Hello." Trust me, you've heard it, maybe even one too many times. "Body Parts" marks the third album for this group with similar, joyous accessible tunes that have lead to their successes. With clear influences from the 1980s, beats that get you moving and simplified lyrics and melodies, this album may not be the most soulful, complex LP, but it sure is fun.
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Review: Bot’Ox – “Basement Love” (Pachanga Boys Point of View)

Bot'Ox’s newly released “Basement Love” is a musical odyssey and it takes the listeners on a journey with raw poetry at the beginning, beautiful synth playing throughout and a dance beat that carries you all the way home. When listening to the song it’s hard not to become hypnotized and you feel like you’re traveling through space. This song is just so right on and timely. If this is the future of electronic/synth music we are in for the ride of our lives. This is an incredible song and it’s worth the 12 minute techno trip. The best part is that you can listen to this song over and over again and it will seem like it’s the first time over and over again. Bot'Ox’s “Basement Love” is a hit and it is definitely a song that will go all the way to the top of the techno skyscraper.
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Review: Touché – “Wild Horses” (Prefab Sprout cover)

Touché is a music duo consisting of singe-songwriters Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore. Touché is also used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or the success or appropriateness of an argument. “Wild Horses” is the new single delivered to Ellenwood-ep on December 4, 2012 and it is certainly a hit. The vibe of the song is cool, and sexy with a soft relaxing electronic beat that sounds like a whisper. It gets your attention from the first note. Alex Lilly’s voice is enticing and when listening to the song, it almost feels like she’s singing directly to you. Bram Inscore who is a bassist and has recorded with Beck harmonizes with Lilly and it’s not forced it just flows like water down a stream. This is a song for those moments when you just want to chill and kick back to some solid vibes. Touché definitely delivers on this new single and “Wild Horses” is just the beginning.
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Live Review: NAOMI PUNK – The Feeling

Naomi Punk’s The Feeling is everything you would expect from a post-punk band. They lay down nonstop artsy, complex, and experimental jams with a hint of punk and grunge thrown in the mix. The only problem that comes with the post-punk genre, in general, is that sometimes the songs tend to bleed into each other and, although heavy, they all tend to be at the mid-tempo/slow side. However Naomi Punk never get too experimental, which makes The Feeling a nice, easy listen. Easy if you like loud, crashing, powerful tunes that is. One issue that tends to arise with the album is that the vocals are so subtle that they hide behind the music. This isn’t a major complaint considering the fact that the music is so solid it probably doesn’t need vocals at all. It also keeps you focused on each song.
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Album Review: Papa Roach – The Connection

After all this time it’s good to know that Papa Roach is still pissed off and delivering heavy tracks that would make your mom’s head spin. The Connection is not only one of Papa Roach’s heaviest records, but also their most personal. Jacoby Shaddix clearly went through some struggles and laid it all out in The Connection. In tracks like Before I Die and Give Me Back My Life you can hear the vulnerability in his voice and it lasts throughout the entire album. This provides a form of hope over all the anger. The Connection is the perfect blend of emotional tracks and the typical pissed off Papa Roach badass tracks that the fans know and love. One of the many standouts on the album is Still Swingin. Appropriate title considering the fact that you will want to punch something while it’s playing. This is a nice throwback for Papa Roach fans because the classic rap/rock that caused them to blow up years ago slips right back in. Right away they slap fans in the face with some nostalgia. However, they managed to bring it home without dating the song. Then the anthem of a chorus screams out for the masses, “We are a beacon in the dark; a lighthouse risen from the heart; we’ve been here from the start; we are the ones still swingin.”
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Hyro Da Hero – Sleeping Giants

The song is an instant winner in my book. The music is hard and gives your anger and frustrations a release with thundrous drumming and full force energy thrown into each of their lyrics. The song rises and falls with the speed only to slow down to emphisize certain lyrics that hold weight and leave you to take it in, “ When we scream we silence us.”
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Track Review: Pony Boy – “Not In This Town”

The name Pony Boy evokes the image of slicked back hair, rolled up jeans, dirty converse, and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve. It is hard to decide what is more surprising, that Pony Boy is the stage name for female doom-wop singer/songwriter, Marchelle Bradanini, or that her new single “Not In This Town” feels like a marriage between Patsy Cline and Tom Waits.
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Album Review: Certain People I Know ‘Self-Titled LP’

Certain People I Know is yet another undertaking for Bob Nanna, formerly of Braid and Hey Mercedes, and he brought Damon Atkinson along for the ride. Their self-titled debut reflects a style that the junior high kid in all of us might appreciate. The combative, upbeat musicality on the majority of the album keeps the energy levels raging. This energy, however, is met by whispering vocals that are drowned out by the aggressive musicianship and they even sound hesitant at times. Lauren LoPiccolo has vocals featured on a couple of tracks, but that doesn’t really fix the problem. Even though she sings with conviction, her vocals are even softer than Nanna’s. The only place her vocals fit, quite well as a matter of fact, is on How Was The Show (Politics).
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Album Review: Belle Histoire’s “Dreamers”

Belle Histoire recently released their debut full-length album, Dreamers, and Jane Smith’s vocals allow us to experience a beautiful reverie with her melodic voice that can go from aggressive to pop to a hypnotic waltz. In “Ghost” the snare drum plays with solid lyrics and Smith’s voice goes up and down like waves on an ocean making you feel that you are on a floating weightless around in a warm current. This band has managed to produce lyrics powerful enough to make you want to get up and move and at the same time you can’t help but want to hear every word.
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Album Review: SUIT OF LIGHTS ‘Shine On Forever’

Other standouts on the album include Paint In Blood and The Human Beings. Paint In Blood’s heavy guitars and driving beat creates a build up of tension that pushes the lyrics to send listeners to battle. The song feels like we are all going to war as it blasts out of the speakers. The Human Beings challenges the entire human race to be something better. It’s a bold accusation in which Darone’s soothing vocals plea over a smooth saxophone. This isn’t the only song that features an instrument unique to the genre. Paint in Blood features a fantastic placement of the flute at the end, leading to the perfect contrast of heavy instrumentation with a delicate melody. Billy Carrión Jr. also stands out on saxophone in Another World. Christopher Walken demanded more cowbell from Will Ferrell. What he should have asked for was more sax.
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Album Review: Saint Motel – Voyeur

Saint Motel just released Voyeur, their debut full-length album. It’s hard to believe that this is a debut album. The songs take you on a roller coaster ride and the musicianship, vocals and lyrics sound as if they are from a well-seasoned veteran band. There are eleven tracks on the album and each song just gets better and better. Imagine reading a book or watching a movie that you never want to end, the story is so gripping and each chapter just delivers one more nuance that makes the story that much more exciting. Well, that’s what Voyeur does for the listener.
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ABANDONED POOLS Announce Release of “Sublime Currency” on 8/28/12 + cd release show at THE ROXY in LA on Sept 15

Abandoned Pools release their long-awaited third album, Sublime Currency on August 28, 2012 via Tooth & Nail Records. Sublime Currency is the culmination of the eleven-year journey of Tommy Walter, the songwriter and musician who began the project after leaving eels. Abandoned Pools will play a rare club appearance for their CD release when they headline The Roxy in Hollywood on September 15.
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Album Review: Gold Motel self-titled album

Gold Motel’s second album self-titled Gold Motel is the perfect album for summer. The songs have a catchy pop sound and if it were released in the ‘60s, feels like it would have been well received then as well deserving of a nod now. The first track “Brand New Kind of Blue” has a driving beat that just makes you want to dance. Greta Morgan’s voice whisks you away on a ride in a convertible with the top down, speeding on a two-lane highway on a summer evening. Her voice is smooth and melodic and brings back memories of days gone by; of better times. After listening to the first song it’s hard to imagine having a care in the world.
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Album Review: Brian Burn — Heart Is A Ghost Town

Brian Burn is not shy with his emotions on Heart Is a Ghost Town. The album begins with Flames, where Burn’s vocals soar over an eerie tune. It is not something to rock out to, this song calls for headphones, closed eyes, and a slow head bounce. Then Alive kicks in, subtle and upbeat enough to jump around your bedroom without having a neighbor bang on your wall. The Taken is a lighter, breakup worthy anthem with a great guitar solo that flashes back to eighties shredding, inducing a natural air guitar movement throughout the track. Belting out the song in the privacy of a car will also suffice should wondering eyes become fixated in traffic.
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ESPN X Games Los Angeles 2012

Tickets to the 18th annual X Games action sports competition are now on sale at all Ticketmaster locations and the box offices at STAPLES Center and Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE for the Skateboard, BMX, Moto X and Rally Car events held exclusively in downtown Los Angeles June 28 - July 1.
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PLM is set to release the new Eliot Lipp album, Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake, on May 22, 2012. This release has Lipp breaking new ground with his ever-evolving production style. He has developed a unique sound that is completely its own yet sticks with the PLM axiom of genre bending originality. The album incorporates everything that has recently been in Lipp's sonic world, including hip-hop, drum & bass, funk, techno, jazz, and more, while still remaining a cohesive whole. The album is heavy on analogue synthesis and very tasteful sample collaging. These two elements make it sound as though it is simultaneously ahead of its time, and from the past.
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Avalanche City Touring This June With Eric Hutchinson, Walk Off The Earth

New Zealand’s Avalanche City will head out on the road this summer with Eric Hutchinson, including making a stop in New York City at the Highline Ballroom on June 26, 2012. Avalanche City recently finished up a stint with Fun. after playing a string of shows at SXSW and will be playing a handful of shows with Walk Off The Earth beginning June 13, 2012 in Santa Ana.
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The Story So Far Announce Vans Warped UK 2012 event

The Story So Far today proudly announce their appearance at this year's Vans Warped UK 2012 event – the first UK stop for the legendary tour in 13 years. The show will take place at North London's Alexandra Palace on Saturday, November 13, 2012 and also features Bring Me The Horizon, Lostprophets, Architects, New Found Glory and many more.
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COLD BLANK to Release Debut Album ‘The Agenda’ August 6 on Burn The Fire; First Single “Louder Than Bombs” Out Now; North American Tour Dates Confirmed

Destroying dancefloors everywhere with massively heavy beats, Chris Gaspar and Manny Luquin, the electro house producers behind COLD BLANK, are at the top of their game. As owners of the reputable record label Burn The Fire, they have their finger on the pulse of raw EDM and are keeping it pumping hard with their debut full-length album THE AGENDA out August 6.
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Run with the Hunted is five people trying to understand the world around them; five people trying to understand themselves through each other; five people channeling their hopes, fears and struggles into the music that makes sense to them - desperate, emotionally exhausting, Hardcore.
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Battles Announce June US Tour

Never ones to stay off the road for too long, Battles will be playing shows around the US for the month of June, including a stop at Bonnaroo. The band has recently releasedDross Glop, a remix accompaniment to last year’s critically-acclaimed Gloss Drop album.Dross Glop is available now as a four-part 12” series and on CD and digitally.
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Teen Daze premieres new B-side, "What You Feel, " + summer tour

Teen Daze's music has always suggested an auditory utopia; this album now propels those aesthetic notions forward in the timeline, resulting in a present moment awareness, rather than trademark nostalgia. "I came upon an old book at a thrift store called Utopian Visions, an encyclopaedic volume of different views on what utopia might look like, which became a huge inspiration. Especially when considering the future of our world as it actually unfolds. We're becoming more and more self-reliant, more and more separated from our communities. I wanted to make a record that sounded more synthetic but also inviting-this is futuristic music with a heart."
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Chapel Hill, NC-based EDM wunderkind, Porter Robinson, is set to whirl electro-house devotees into a dance frenzy as he prepares to embark on a headlining bus tour across the US and Canada this summer. The nineteen-year-old producer has garnered industry nods and droves of fans after his debut EP Spitfire, released on Skrillex's OWSLA, crashed Beatport's servers upon release before quickly shooting to the top spot. In another mark of success, his latest single "Language" quickly reached number one on Beatport's overall chart and has enjoyed massive airplay at BBC Radio 1 over the past couple weeks. He also landed his first residency with Wynn Las Vegas earlier this year, way before he could ever legally sit down at a blackjack table. Robinson has successfully proven his potential for crossover appeal, wowing diverse audiences at this year's Coachella festival and planning to follow suit at Lollapalooza, in addition to playing support on fellow electro artist Tiesto's recent "College Invasion Tour". Robinson's superior ability to imbue addictive synth lines, pulsating bass and intense drops with unbounded energy has earned him continued esteem in the electronic scene and beyond.
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SLASH: Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators To Launch July North American Dates

As the Grammy-winning guitarist, songwriter and Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductee SLASH gears up for the May 22 release of his second solo studio album APOCALYPTIC LOVE, he’s announced a run of headlining shows in North America kicking off July 12 and wrapping August 4with up-and-coming Canadian group Monster Truck supporting. An exclusive fan pre-sale begins this Wednesday, May 9 at 10:00 AM at and will feature packages including VIP meet and greets, and rare merch items such as signed guitars. SLASH and his band Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators are currently touring the U.S., a mix of headlining dates and festivals (Carolina Rebellion, Rock On the Range, Rocklahoma).
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LINKIN PARK And INCUBUS Announce So-Cal Stop on 2012 Honda Civic Tour (Home Depot Center – Sept 8)

Tickets for the show go on sale Saturday, May 12th at 10 AM. They will be available at,, at select Live Nation and Ticketmaster retail outlets, plus via Charge-By-Phone (800.745.3000). In addition, anyone who pre-orders Linkin Park’s forthcoming new album, LIVING THINGS, at will gain access to buy tickets for the tour. Fans will also be able to buy LP Underground fan club memberships at a discounted rate, and earn the right to buy tickets first, get early access to the venues, and be eligible for meet and greets with the band.
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Tickets for Dispatch's recently announced North American Tour in support of their highly anticipated, forthcoming album, Circles Around The Sun go on sale today at The tour, the most extensive the band has done in over a decade, will provide fans a chance to see the band in a more intimate setting. It will kick off at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on September 20th and will follow the band's upcoming appearances at the Hangout Music, Bonnaroo and Outside Lands Festivals.
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Zammuto- the new band from Nick Zammuto (co-founder of acclaimed collage-pop duo the Books)- have announced another leg of dates supporting instrumental rock icons and labelmates, Explosions In The Sky (full dates below). The announcement comes just days after the group's return from their first run of tour dates which found their virtuosic and cerebral interpretations of songs from the debut album Zammuto generating praise from The New York Times, Denver Post, Westword, and many others. The 11-day trek will bring the quartet to select cities missed on the earlier leg of the tour, offering audiences a glimpse of the deep cache of creative brilliance at the core of this truly inventive quartet.
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Young The Giant Central Park Sold Out / Today Show Performance

Young The Giant will make their first appearance on early morning television when they perform on the Today Show Tuesday, May 22, 2012. The band will perform “Cough Syrup” and “Apartment.” Fans who come to the show will be able to see and hear the band from outside. It’s been an amazing year so far for Young The Giant who recently concluded their 46-date sold out headline tour on April 7th playing to over 70, 000 people across North America. Their 5, 000 seat Central Park Summerstage show Monday, July 16, 2012 just sold out.
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Fool's Gold Clubhouse Announced For HARD Summer 2012

Fool's Gold Records is excited to announce the FOOL'S GOLD CLUBHOUSE series of festival events and more, with a Clubhouse stage at HARD Summer in Los Angeles, the first to be unveiled. Curated by label heads A-Trak & Nick Catchdubs, the Clubhouse will include some of the most exciting names from their roster, extended fam, and beyond. The HARD lineup will include A-Trak, Danny Brown, AraabMUZIK, Action Bronson, Craze, Nick Catchdubs, Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire and Jim-E Stack.
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James Morrison Comes to LA May 3rd @ Avalon Hollywood

BRIT Award nominated James Morrison is finally coming stateside for his first US headlining tour in support of his latest release The Awakening – out now on Universal Republic. The album is his third full-length studio and debuted at #1 in the UK where it spent two weeks and has since been certified platinum. The Awakening has produced several hits including the first US single “I Won’t Let You Go" (performed on the Today Show 1/17/12; official music video with over 22 million views), and “Up” featuring Jessie J.
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The Cult has just announced the addition of a Los Angeles date to their summer North American concert tour, set to kick off May 25. The band will wrap up the first tour leg with a headline show at the Hollywood Palladium on Saturday, June 23, their first hometown show in nearly two years. Tickets are priced at $32.50 and go on sale tomorrow, April 27 at 10:00AM PT and can be purchased at
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Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble Announce Debut American Live Appearance at Lincoln Center NYC

Having earned rave reviews for genre-smashing performances at Glastonbury, Sonar, Big Chill and other big-ticket European festivals, The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble will be making its North American live debut at Lincoln Center’s Out Of Doors series in NYC this August. The ensemble, lead by Berlin-based Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer & Paul Frick, uses electronic dance music and techno as a jumping-off point to explore a full spectrum of sounds, created primarily with symphonic instruments including piano, tympani, harp, strings and horns.
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Everest Announce Release of New Album Ownerless

ATO Records is thrilled to announce the June release of Los Angeles rockers Everest's new album, Ownerless. Described by Everest guitarist Joel Graves as a "hopeful love letter slipped under the door, " the new album expands on the broad rock 'n' roll direction the band undertook with its 2008 album, On Approach. Produced in large part by Richard Swift(Damien Jurado, The Mynabirds), the new album arrives in stores and at online retailers June 26.
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Jackson Browne and Lizz Wright will perform a benefit concert at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles for Success Through The Arts Foundation and the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center on Saturday, June 9, 2012. Tickets go on sale Friday, April 27th through Ticketmaster. Premium benefit seating is available through
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Santigold at CLUB NOKIA Friday, June 1

SANTIGOLD (aka Santi White), is touring in support of her new album Master of my Make-Believe, due out May 1 on Atlantic Records/Downtown Records. The tour comes on the heels of her recent performances at SXSW and the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, which exploded into dance parties and received rave reviews. Armed with her hybrid anthems, misfit band, and unstoppable dancers, the SG1s, her singular live shows are always monumental. Santigold recently released the first single from Master of My Make-Believe, “Disparate Youth, ” which Rolling Stone called a "party-starting blast of a single – which combines dub wobble, post-punk skronk and pop hooks into a 100 percent hands-in-the-air jam."
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Brazzabelle Gentlemen Hall Remix

Brittney Bowles, known as Brazzabelle, is an American house and techno music DJ/Producer based in Los Angeles, CA. She is a resident for CONTROL at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles and L.E.D. at Voyeur in San Diego.
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The Canadian, platinum-selling, independent artist has proven that social networks can provide the necessary tools for bringing a track from concept to completion. During a 22-hour live-streaming session in March, deadmau5 created a new track titled “The Veldt” inspired by a short sci-fi story written by Ray Bradbury. deadmau5 subsequently uploaded the song to his FML SoundCloud page for his fans and the magic of the world wide web took hold overnight. The following day, he found numerous tweets about one vocal version a fan posted to SoundCloud. All airing on his live stream, deadmau5 listened to the version vocalist Chris James created, contacted Chris live to work on the track, and rang his manager immediately to set up an official collaboration.
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La Sera announces tour dates

La Sera's Sees The Light follows 2011's masterful self-titled debut with ten new tracks of peppy break-up pop brimming with defiance and bitter sweetness. On album opener "Love That's Gone, " the vocals and drumbeat linger for seconds, swaying in the wind while the guitar cuts through, charming you, pulling you by your shirt and telling you that it is time to move on. This is a break-up album for the best kinds of break-ups. There's a lightness of touch, too, that surround the harmonies throughout and makes one yearn for the days of Donna Lynn, Julie Ruin and The Shirelles. But before you can settle into your seat, La Sera delivers a one-two punch - a rip of rolling snare and sending you speeding off in a fast car. Seize the light.
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The High Strung Release New Album ?Posible o' Imposible?

The High Strung are pround to announce yesterday's release of their new album ?Posible o' Imposible? out on Paper Thin Records. The High Strung, and especially frontman Josh Malerman, are enthralled with blending fact and fiction. Malerman's Facebook page declares he worked at “General Faw Faw's Impossible Meats” in 1852 and that he attended “Fabulous Posture University” for the 95 years leading up to 1902. Because of this, their history and experiences are like big riddles, short puzzles that are as artistic as the albums they've made. And of their six albums, none captures this fascination with the absurd better than the new one, rightly called ?Posible o' Imposible?
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Ty Segall Band announces new album on In The Red, Slaughterhouse

In The Red is over the moon and happy as a pig in shit to announce the debut release by the Ty Segall Band. The Ty Segall Band is Ty Segall (obviously), Mikal Cronin, Charlie Moothart, and Emily Rose Epstein. While Ty has released many incredible solo releases, Slaughterhouse marks the first release where he has recorded with his touring band. For this mini-album (it's only 10" but you get two!), the band recorded with Chris Woodhouse at The Hangar, turned their amps all the way up, set their fuzz pedals on obliterate, and commenced to kick ass and take names. Seriously, this record will melt your face. All of Ty's usual psych-pop sensibilities are still present, but Slaughterhouse adds the full-throttle, go-for-the-throat bombast that the band delivers in the live setting. This is fuzz riffs, bratty howl and Cro-Magnon bashing. The whole thing culminates with a fuzztone feedback freakout that's pretty much the only sensible way to end a workout of this magnitude. This is fucking great! So is the Ty Segall Band. - Larry Hardy, In The Red
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Orion Music + More Announces Schedule Of Performances

The full schedule for Orion Music + More, the new annual music and lifestyle festival created by Metallica and their friends at C3 Presents, was announced today For those fans that aren't able to spend the entire weekend, Orion Music + More has just announced that there are single day tickets available at beginning today.
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MAXWELL Announces Two LA Performances (Staples Center: July 20 & 21)

On the first night in each city, Maxwell will perform 'Maxwell's Urban HangSuite' (1996) and 'Embrya' (1998) and on the second, he will play 'Now' (2001) and 'BLACKsummers'night' (2009). Maxwell and his eleven piece band will be debuting tracks from all four albums that have never been performed live. The Maxwell tour will also offer fans a way to help President Obama's re-election campaign. Custom Obama-Biden 2012 merchandise will be available for purchase at select tour stops. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Obama for America. Obama for America will also be at the Maxwell concerts to sign up volunteers to help register voters in battleground states.