Track Reviews

Track Review: Girl Band – Paul

Irish noise-punk group Girl Band has released a video for the first single off of their upcoming album, Holding Hands With Jamie, due out September 25th. In it, “Paul” is a sad man who is forced to, quite literally, wear a big grin on his face. As the star of a children’s television show, his job is to dance around in a happy-looking pig costume.

Track Review: Atmosphere – Sunshine

Atmosphere’s “Sunshine” is not a new song to most people’s ears. This clever ode to the sun and its ability to make any terrible (i.e. hungover) day that much better has been around since 2007, but now, just shy of a decade later, it finally has a video.

Track Review: Teen Daze – Morning World

British Columbia based Teen Daze has released his fifth album in five years. Morning World, his first project to be produced through his newly formed partnership with Paper Bag Records, was allegedly tracked and mixed within the span of ten days, but you’d never guess it from the maturity that comes out of the album’s title track.

Track Review: Mating Ritual – I Wear Glasses

We all know the feeling: you’re at a bar, having a good time with your friends, when suddenly you spot someone from across the room who is just magical. You can’t stop watching them. You want to say something, but you don’t know what. After another beer or two, you finally make your move - and everything comes out stupid and wrong.

Track Review: Lucy Rose – Like an Arrow

“Like An Arrow” follows a more traditionally pop form of songwriting, using basic metaphors and structure to convey emotion instead of aiming for the Nashville school of storytelling, a bit of a turn from what’s typically expected of folk artists.

Track Review: Empress Of – “Kitty Kat”

Recording artist Empress Of, the alias of Lorely Rodriguez, is readying her debut album Me to drop September 11th. An artist’s first full-length statement to the world is always exciting, but the stakes are even higher knowing that the entirety of the effort has been fully recorded, written, and produced, by the bilingual Spanish-American herself.

Track Review: Young Thug – “Pacifier”

Despite being in the midst of legal troubles, a certain Atlanta rapper has found time to drop a new track for his fans. Hot off the debut of his well-received album, Barter 6, Young Thug has been putting out mixtapes and records nonstop, including features on tracks with Rae Sremmurd, Nicki Minaj, and Juicy J, the omnipresent hip-hop star simply seems to refuse to slow down.


Fans were long waiting for a follow up to indie pop band Chromatics’ 2012 effort, Kill For Love, and with their upcoming record Dear Tommy being continuously delayed and pushed back, it’s hard to tell when they’re going to be quenched. However, the official lead single, “Just Like You, ” that was released in February still retains it’s replay value and effect.

Dream Rapper Pell Needs His Vacation

The freshest sound to come out of New Orleans, emcinger (emcee/singer) Pell displays his marked vision for hip-hip on his new track, Vacation. And yes he needs one for a whole entire week. After relocating to Mississippi due to Hurricane Katrina, over the past few years Pell has mastered surfacing his own direction as an hip-hop artist. Pell has shown his ability to be a rapper from the southern hemisphere that is lyrically inclusive.

Track Review: Years & Years – Shine

British newcomers Years & Years have been taking the pop scene by storm across the pond, already snatching the title of BBC’s Sound of 2015 at the beginning of the year when their singles “Take Shelter” and “Desire” garnered widespread attention on the blogosphere, only to be bested by “King, ” which deservingly topped the UK Singles Chart.

Track Review: CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace

With this announcement, we were also treated to the album’s first single, ‘Leave a Trace’. Right away ‘Leave a Trace’ sounds like a Chvrches song, but as an evolution of their sound, not a rehashing of what worked on their previous LP.

Track Review: LIZ – When I Rule the World

“When I rule the world, then I’m gonna make you work, ” barks Soundcloud starlet LIZ on her latest single. It’s unclear whether the line refers the ambitious roles she’s taking on, or that she simply wants to make us all dance; either way she’s doing a great job on both.

Track Review: Bitter’s Kiss ‘The Rope’ [Video]

Baker's bright and Birdy-like voice makes "The Rope" all the more poignant as it deals with the sensitive subject of suicide. Apparently inspired by a real-life incident in her family, Baker uses her verse and music to explore this oft-ignored problem in America. Already a master wordsmith, Baker as Bitter's kiss relates to the pain of mental illness and the inner struggles it can create in beautiful poetic verse. The Johnny Cash-like outlaw country backing tune perfectly matches the churchy tone in Baker's lyrics and the style or rhyme in the verse. A simple but well-composed song, "The Rope" is a haunting first track from Baker's first album.