There’s a phenomenon called synesthesia. It’s a mental condition in which a person experiences the blending of senses. Therefore, for some people numbers evoke tastes, days of the week may elicit precise location in space or, as in my case, music just flows in colors in my head.

The point is: people are remarkably different, no two individuals are alike. While it makes the world beautifully diversified, it also does not necessarily enhance the search for members of your tribe in the crowd. Take Me With You, Fleurie’s newest single produced by Ruslan and vocally supported by Dalton Diehl, revolves around the feeling of amazement associated with finding your kindred spirit.

The lyrics of the song are delicately painted on a piano canvas. You can picture all the introductory notes as stars in the night sky – a purely romantic masterpiece. Then comes the poetry, like a promise of an unexpected encounter with that special someone you wished to meet for so long. Suddenly, your dream comes to life and stands before you holding a piece of your own heart. I need to know, need to know, swear to me you’re not a ghost. Through paradise or hell, you know you can go on, go on, just take me with you. Still in disbelief, you start to feel all the love and relief exploding in your chest, you will follow that person anywhere because you can finally breathe and be your truest self. You’re alive and free.

We are all exceptional, yet it means something different to every single one of us. Therefore, your very own personal kind of exceptional might be a rare breed. Considering synesthesia for that matter, apparently, it can only be found in about 4% of the population but guess what! I’ve met other synesthetes in my lifetime. All of you out there who don’t seek connection with just anybody but with dreamers, fellow introverts and/or mavericks – please don’t get discouraged. Fleurie’s new song is your best sign that it is absolutely possible for somebody someday to taste your taste, and sing your song. Today it is Fleurie in your headphones, tomorrow it might be your soulmate chasing the world beyond with you. Keep dreaming.

Oh, and if you’re curious, Take Me With You presents itself in different shades of navy blue in my head, just like that starry night sky.



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