Friday nights in Los Angeles are famous for having some of the best talent performing all across the city, and this night the Shrine Expo Hall was housing one of Australia’s biggest electropop artists Cut Copy, with Los Angeles based post-disco duo De Lux as their opener. The venue proved to be the perfect space for all to enjoy; the massive GA pit big enough for all to dance freely. With one of the most danceable electronic artists in town, locals from all over Los Angeles attended, most of which involved wearing fantastic costumes. Everyone chattered in anticipation of one of the best nights out in Los Angeles of 2017 was about to be underway.

Los Angeles based DJ Party Cooper Saver got everyone on their feet with a perfectly mixed set list. As the producer of the Far Away party and radio show on Dublab, Cooper is experienced in the world of mixing and producing jaw dropping hits. He proved to be the perfect first opener, and allowed for the transition into Palmbomen II’s European dance electronic. Based in the Netherlands, Kai Hugo made the Shrine Expo Hall feel like his own underground club.

De Lux soon graced the stage with their post-disco tracks and laid back stage presence. Drawing on inspiration from LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip, the Los Angeles based duo Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco have always had an ear for creating the best multi-instrumental post-disco tunes. With the release of their first full-length album “Voyage” this past April, De Lux had a full set list, debuting their new tracks in a live Los Angeles setting and performing fan favorites from their EP “Scion AV.” They brought the groove to the Shrine Expo Hall for all in attendance, and left fans begging for more when their set ended.

Cut Copy entered the stage during a full black out to a packed out hall, everyone ready to dance the night away. The Australian multi-instrumental dance-punk group started their set with their fan favorite “Need You Now,” and continued the dance inducing set with a perfect mix of new tracks from their recent release “Haiku From Zero” and their most beloved past albums such as “Free Your Mind.” DJ Dan Whitford, front man vocalist, keyboardist, and guitarist, did an incredible job transitioning each track into the next, never breaking a sweat while keeping the party going all night. They ended the set with encore performances of “Meet Me in a House of Love” and “Lights and Music,” leaving everyone in the venue on an all time high.

Next on their stop this tour is the Metro Music Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are making their way across the US before returning to Australia, so be sure to check out their schedule. This is a dance party you don’t want to miss.

Photography by: Sarah Woods

We’re playing one of our favorite venues in America, the Fox Theater in Oakland tonight! Who’s down?

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