Allie X is not your average pop star. She quite literally lives in her own world, the world of X. What is it, you might ask? As explained in a short movie on Allie’s webpage, X is a truth you can feel but cannot confirm. (…) Since no one really knows anything for sure, I don’t see the harm in believing in a truth that you create for yourself. It’s not about being right, it’s not about being controversial. It’s about living in a truth that feels right to you. And we already love this girl.

Art is a broad concept and Allie X embraces it all. She invests her energy both in music and in extraordinary visuals, which is apparent from the very first second of the video to her newest “Casanova” single. The song, taken from Allie’s debut LP titled ColleXion II, is an alt-pop ode to a lover. The official version of the release is a collaboration with VÉRITÉ, another creative force to be reckoned with. It is evident as soon as she appears in the video that both women are a perfect artistic match. They have the same attitude towards what they sing about written all over their faces: a kind of tepid, seemingly disdainful pride. And don’t they do that in style.

Dressed in bright-colored, oversized jackets and equally noticeable above-knee boots both singers significantly stand out in a group of other women clothed in similar, yet gray and not-so-spectacular garment. What does it tell us? That both Allie X and VÉRITÉ have their own vision for their image but also that they are pretty impossible for men to overlook. Therefore, it will forever remain a mystery why the Casanova, a heavenly creature with a real dark agenda, was not interested. The song is a response to all the frustration caused by a sheep in wolf’s clothing who insidiously seduced both girls and left them on the floor dying for his love.

The song has a dance floor vibe to it. It’s catchy enough to make you want to move your feet a little. We are already dancing on the edge of the night – feel free to join us. There’s also more where the single came from and the mysterious world of X has much more to offer. Especially, considering that Allie X strongly believes the content should speak for itself so do not expect her energy to be wasted on anything besides her artistry. If this is not pure professionalism, I don’t know what is.

Every release from Allie is a peek into her world of X. So, without further ado, dive in, explore and find your own truth in her art.



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