Once upon a time, there was a sky watcher who, unable to fall asleep one night, contemplated the vastness and the mysteries of the universe. “There are so many stars up high, the sky is our neighborhood”, he thought, “even if we are alone in the whole universe, there are so many lives on this planet… and every heart is a story book”. This is when a creative idea for a song was born in Dave Grohl’s mind.

Foo Fighters have just released a new single from their upcoming ninth album Concrete and Gold. Through the video for “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” we enter the realm of a fairy tale and find ourselves in a witchy cottage in the middle of the woods with two girls in night gowns, portrayed by Dave Grohl’s daughters, reading the song lyrics out loud from the pages of an old book. This thick volume seems to hold a key to some cosmic truth that will, later on, be revealed to us if we correctly interpret signs. It’s late at night, yet do we go to sleep now that we are on the verge of discovering the core of who we are? No can do because, to top it all off, “heaven is a big band now”! And Foo Fighters have just begun their show on the roof of our house so the sky is literally calling us to get up and dance to some top notch riffs, especially to the hauntingly catchy chorus, which you won’t be able to get out of your head for long.

From beginning to end the single is a one big metaphor. First of all, it represents all the sleepless nights where the train of thought just wouldn’t stop and let you drift off into the arms of Morpheus. “Mind is a battlefield, (…) I’m a ticking bomb” – no rest for the wicked. Secondly, in the video, all the band members’ eyes shine bright like flash lights or, should we say, stars. If eyes are, indeed, windows to the soul, here comes our long awaited sign of the cosmic truth – we are in the universe and the universe is in us, ta-dah! You didn’t see this one coming, did ya? “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” is an attempt to provide guidance and comfort in the primeval quest to read mankind’s destiny from stars. And who said we cannot have a little party on the roof while trying to understand the workings of the universe?

The song will serve as an anthem for all the dreamers and seekers of the meaning of life and it is a yet another star shining brightly on Foo Fighters’ oeuvre sky. The new album is out September 15th and we can’t wait to hear what other bedtime stories the band have prepared for their fans.


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