In the small city of Glendale on a Thursday night, Los Angeles locals were found taking in the sights and sounds of Glendale Arts Open Shows. Held at the historic Alex Theater, the 1920’s architecture added to the local art on display for all to appreciate and gave the event an elegant touch. Interactive art showcases featuring projections and computer simulations allowed for local artists to demonstrate their talents, as well as add commentary that enlightened participants of the issues we now face politically and socially. Local physical artists such as jewelers and comic designers were in attendance as well, selling their art at cost, allowing for exposure and the chance to meet guests in an intimate fashion.

The first interactive showcase when entering the Alex Theater was non other than local musicians Cat500 in a makeshift fortune telling booth made from the theater’s ticket booth. In order to experience the soundscapes of their DJ set, one had to put on headphones connected to the booth, and could have their palm read by the artists themselves. Draped in metallic facemasks and space like garb, Cat500 committed fully to the spirit of the evening and entertained those in attendance with their experimental music and humor.

The first performance of the night was local songwriter, violinist, vocalist, and looping artist Sudan Archives. Along with looping songs on the spot with her vocals, two violins, and electronic boards, she was joined by two female African dancers who improvised beautiful movements to each song. Each song showcased her self-taught talents and delighted the audience with her blend of R&B, West African rhythms, and experimental electronic music. With only a couple songs out so far, including “Come Meh Way” released earlier this month, Sudan Archives is young in the music scene but definitely one to keep an eye on in the future.

The closing set featured the sounds of producer Mndsgn, known for his mixing of vocal tracks with sweet early 80’s R&B deep grooves. Originally giving him performance space, the crowd soon swarmed to the front after Mndsgn himself pointed out there was no need for such space. Everyone swayed and danced to the mellow sounds as the night came to a happy end. Catch him at the Levitt Pavilion in Los Angeles, July 21st. He will also be making an appearance at the famous Desert Daze festival in October.

Glendale Arts is putting on their music festival soon, free to the public, so be sure to write it in your calendars! The Open Arts & Music Festival will be held September 16th, 2017 at the Alex Theater featuring many local up and coming artists you do not want to miss.

Photos by: Sarah Woods

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