In Aesop’s fairy tale a bored shepherd boy who tended to a flock of sheep decided to have some fun. He pretended he saw a wolf and started calling for help just to get some attention. People from nearby villages came to his rescue and found out it was all a lie so when the boy really saw a wolf nobody believed him and the sheep were all eaten by the beast. This fable is titled The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Do you already see where I’m going with this?

Girl Who Cried Wolf is the newest single from Ashe, a 24-year-old retro-inspired artist with a diploma in composition and production from Berklee College of Music. Her debut single, Used to It, has already rocked the Spotify boat a little gaining over a million streams. No wonder she’s caught the attention of Vevo and has been selected as their next artist in the VEVO dscvr: Artists to Watch 2018 series.

In the new single Ashe is determined to underline the fact that she is not the girl who cried wolf. Lying and pretending, especially to draw attention and be glorified, is just not in her nature. Instead, she chooses to focus on her rebellious vision of art while raising above the commercial and materialistic vale of show business. Considering that she is still a relatively new artist, I would say it is a brave and admirable move that will probably earn her a great deal of respect from fans.

Girl Who Cried Wolf carries obvious connotations of a fable about the shepherd boy, however, another fairy tale comes to my mind when I think about Ashe, namely, Little Red Riding Hood. Or a slightly re-imagined version of it. You see, when I picture Ashe as the blonde-headed protagonist, I can already see how she would recreate her outfit turning the red cape into a loose costume with a 70′ vibe and instead of trusting the beast and getting herself devoured, she would probably kick the wolf’s… you know what. This is actually what she has been doing all along, attempting to make the Big Bad Wolf – the show business – dance to her tune. So far, Ashe has been nothing but successful and she owes it to herself because while the Big Bad Wolf is counting sheep, she stays entirely focused on making her dreams come true. On her own terms.

The list of Ashe’s memorable career moments is enriched with performances at Coachella, in the Vevo studio and soon you will also have an opportunity to see her artistic freedom live. On December 16 she will visit the Hollywood Palladium in LA where she will join forces with Louis The Child, the duo with whom Ashe already collaborated on their track Right To It. Coachella, Vevo, Hollywood… and someday you’ll find her, on top of the world.

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