Holy Wars’ frontwoman Kat Leon has transformed personal tragedy into artistic creation. After the loss of both parents in 2015, grief engulfed Leon and she took time off from music to mourn. Months later, journal entries and snippets of melodies began to emerge through the healing process, and Leon began to write songs, only this time with bare emotions and upfront exteriors. Come 2017, the brew of saddness, isolation, life and death, and rebirth resulted in Holy Wars. Nick Perez, collaborator with Leon in their previous project Sad Robot, regrouped with Leon to act as Holy Wars’ producer.

The new track “Back to Life,” accompanied by a music video directed by Erin Li, is the first single from Holy Wars’ debut LP Mother Father out in November 2017. The song highlights Holy Wars’ raw yet emotional. As the song begins, the peaceful sound of waves is quickly interrupted with frenzied instrumentation and aggressive chords, with Leon’s steady and controlled voice jumping in shortly afterwards. However, Leon’s voice quickly shifts into bellowing, capturing all attention as she proclaims, “I’m coming back to life.” There’s no fear, no hesitation, like she’s fighting for her own livelihood in the song. With the reverbious instrumentation, harsh structures, and dominant vocals, gothwave and indie rock merge together in “Back to Life.”

The new album Mother Father proceeds their last release, Mother EP, which came out this past June. Leon dedicates this new album to her parents, as the experience losing those she loved has began this new chapter: Holy Wars.

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