She sat down on a window seat in her room and listened to the familiar soundscape of raindrops hitting the windowpane. For some unknown reason it used to make her feel safe, yet today was different. The sky seemed to reflect all the unbearable sadness weighing heavily on her heart and mind. Knowing she would have to face the pain eventually, she opened her notebook and turned to the only relief she knew – music. Teardrops began falling on the page as the first line of a new song appeared on paper…

I can feel your heart hanging in the air, I’m counting every step as you climb the stairs…

The rain is the beginning. One drop after another, the sky decides to cry just a little bit, then a little bit more. With the delicate accompaniment of piano keys you can feel the sadness creeping in. Maybe she had a friend, maybe she also loved that person, and maybe, in the whole world, she felt they were the only one able to understand her. And then they left her with a broken heart. Loss, in a broad sense, is a natural component of life, yet it does not make it any easier to accept. At this point we usually seem to have a choice – turn the emotions on or off. Yeah, I know, I wish it was that easy too. However, for artists like Fleurie, the only way to go through the pain is to go through the pain. As, allegedly, Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going”.

I am breaking down again (…) The world we know turns in the wind…

This meteorological metaphor in the lyrics opens up the next chapter. The combination of rain and wind is like a merge of sadness and anger. At this point in the song, we can feel the storm coming soon. The strings in the background and the somewhat marching rhythm underline the emotional development of the whole story. The deeper we dive in the pain, the more multifaceted it becomes, yet it’s exactly this complexity that is supposed to lead us to the healing culmination point. Then Fleurie plays a few single piano notes, it’s like the calm before the storm. The anticipation hangs in the air, the rain and the wind taper off a little bit to lull us into a false sense of security only to burst out in the next second with thunders, lightning and all the regret you can imagine.

It’s all we know, all we know, a hurricane.

If you’re experiencing your own emotional cyclone right now, let it swallow you and let the music guide you through. Close your eyes, sing or even scream the lyrics out loud, keeping in mind that if you want to survive, there is no easy way out. I cannot promise you rainbows and sunshine but I promise you this – you’ll come out stronger and after all this mess you will have your peace.

Fleurie has so far released two EPs and one album. There’s much more where “Hurricane” came from. Give this girl’s artistry a chance to heal some of your bruises.

Thank you for all the #Fleuricane love… xx

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