The pop-rap duo Jack & Jack performed a one-night exclusive performance at the Roxy Sunday night before a sold-out Hollywood crowd. Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson took the stage receiving piercing screams from the dedicated audience as the Nebraskan boys began their set list with ‘Distraction’. Fans instantly responded by singing every word and flooding the venue with cell phones, sharing the live content with the world. Continuing the night, ‘Falling’ appeared as the following track while Jack & Jack serenaded the front row with their pop melodies and hook driven choruses.

Midway through the performance, Jack & Jack thanked the audience for being enthusiastic and loyal. The sold-out event began forming lines outside the venue at 7 am, causing the duo to express their gratitude and admiration for their fan base. ‘Last Thing’ continued the night as they performed their latest EP ‘Gone’ in its entirety. Their love songs and romantic sentiments resonated well with the crowd. After their brief performance, fans channeled their anticipation in hopes of more content. Jack & Jack answered the audience’s wishes by performing their hit single ‘Like That’.

Jack & Jack have recently signed with Island Records, releasing their second EP last month. Having toured with Demi Lovato and Trevor Moran, the young duo proved that their strong charisma and ability to engage with an audience is just the beginning compared to their full potential waiting to unravel. Expect Jack & Jack to expand towards a larger platform.

Set List
Last Thing
Hurt People
2 Cigarettes
Encore: Like That (feat. special guest Skate)
Photos by: Jack Deagon

Los Angeles was absolutely ridiculous last night…. Where should we come next?

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