It was a warm night in the middle of Hollywood when a line started to form outside the beloved Fonda Theatre. Groups of all ages waited anxiously as they had their tickets and ID out ready at a moment’s notice in order to get a prime GA location. From young girls escaping their parents for the night to typical LA hipsters asking pertinent questions such as, “Do you mean you saw James Bay or James Blake?” the conversations, while entertaining to say the least, demonstrated the large demographic Marian Hill has reached over the years. Their rise through the ranks these past years has proven them to be a group worthy of recognition, and this sold out show spoke for itself.

Opening the show was no other than Opia, a duo known for bringing funk into the world of electronic R&B music. The electronic beats supported the intricate guitar and vocal lines in each song seamlessly, making everyone in the room dance. With tight harmonies and a unique sound, Opia kept everyone on their feet and dancing the whole set.

Marian Hill opened their set with a fog and light show that made the whole room go abuzz. Canvas veils over front woman Samantha Gongol and production artist Jeremy Lloyd during their popular song “Down” gained an eerie dimension with the use of shadow play and smoke throughout the performance. Half way through, the duo revealed themselves to the amazement of the crowd. Gongol’s bondage inspired outfit proved she was more than ready to bring sex appeal to the set, which made the performance overall a more intimate experience. In addition to the duo, a third member of the group made for an electronic three piece jazz combo with the use of bass and saxophone, creating a special live performance of electronic dance music one does not normally experience in Los Angeles. During their set, the group performed a special cover of the ever known Whitney Houston classic “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” causing everyone in the venue to sing along happily, even straight faced security guards. The dancing in the pit never stopped to the delight of everyone in attendance; the venue itself seemed to have turned into an EDM club overnight. The reprise of “Down” as the closing song of the set left everyone in the venue happy and smiling on their way home.

Marian Hill and Opia are still on tour, so check them out while you still can! Only two more shows left: June 16th at the Observatory North Park in San Diego and June 17th at The Observatory in Santa Ana.

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