People on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles started lining up as soon as 6 PM on Thursday night with the news of legendary indie electronic group Metronomy booking not one, but two shows at the famous Regent Theater this Thursday night. For the early show, there was no opener so many made it a point to get there early for a good spot close to the stage. With its vaulted ceilings and cozy GA pit, the Regent Theater DTLA has always been the perfect spot for well-known artists to perform more intimate shows in Los Angeles.

Right at 7PM, Metronomy kicked off the beginning of the nightlong dance party with new tracks from their 2016 release Summer 08 “Back Together” and “Miami Logic.” Joseph Mount, front man, vocalist and guitarist, switched between playing bongos and guitar very fluidly through the set, and even made sure fellow band mate and drummer Anna Prior had a turn in the spot light towards the end of the set when performing “Everything Goes My Way,” one of the songs in which she switches to lead vocals and tambourine, while Mount switches to drums and back up vocals. Their set design, like their music, was equal parts groovy and romantic. With see through keyboard stands, psychedelic lighting, and an impressive amount of fog that began to fill the venue by the middle of the set, everyone felt as though they were transported back to the 70’s. Another notable aspect of the performance was the overall happiness that seemed to exude from this group. Each one seemed beyond happy to be performing together, which made the overall set even more enjoyable. Although the set was relatively short due to the second show later that night, Metronomy made sure to end the set with fan favorites “The Look” and “Reservoir,” leaving everyone dancing and singing along until the end.

If you weren’t able to catch the back-to-back Los Angeles shows, Metronomy will be performing this weekend in Mexico City, Mexico, in Festival Corona Capital 2017. Their first 2018 appearance will be at Lollapalooza Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, all during the month of March. Check out their newest release and be sure to check them out next time their in your hometown. They’re an act you don’t want to miss.

Photos by: Sarah Woods

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