Australian indie pop trio ‘Middle Kids’ returned to Los Angeles Thursday night at the Teragram Ballroom. Fronted by lead singer and guitarist Hannah Joy, the three-piece act began the night with ‘On My Knees’ from their upcoming debut album. Shifting the setlist towards their self-titled EP release, ‘Your Love’ received heavy praise from the audience as they continued to excel on stage. Joy often exchanged her guitar between songs while focusing predominately behind the microphone, pacing back and forth along the stage while passionately singing.

‘Fire In Your Eyes’ received warm responses early on from the crowd. Joy thanked the Los Angeles fan base for their dedication and support, sharing their love for the city. Having explored southern California earlier, they expressed their admiration for tacos and purchased a skateboard while wondering around town. Altering the flow and momentum, the band briefly exited the stage as Joy performed ‘Doing It Right.’ The powerful ballad typically features a piano, but the acoustic guitar provided a solid adaptation to the track. The anticipation grew as the band returned to the stage, quickly regaining the fast-paced energy as they performed their hit song ‘Edge Of Town.’

Joy’s interaction with the crowd kept the concert intimate and personal. Providing back-stories and introductions to most songs, she asked the crowd to raise their hands if they could relate to making mistakes. A sea of arms and hands filled the air as they played ‘Mistake’ from their soon to be released studio album. Joy expressed that people are losing the art of conversation and having difficulty communicating with each other, using that as inspiration to create ‘Never Start.’ Signing off after a near hour performance, ‘Put It Out On The Line’ closed out the night as the band thanked the fans for attending.

On My Knees
Your Love
Bought It
Fire In Your Eyes
Old River
Doing It Right
Edge Of Town
Don’t Be Hiding
Never Start
Put It Out On The Line

photos by: Jacob Gaitan



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