While the sun started to set on another beautiful Friday in Southern California, many began lining up outside the new House of Blues Anaheim location in hopes of finding a prime location in a venue known for its huge GA pit. Looking around the crowd, it became obvious that Modest Mouse had a strong following in Orange County. Many were donning old shirts from past tours and eagerly chatting about the last time they saw them live; some were even discussing the differences between multiple tour sets. The crowd was definitely not of the faint of heart either; everyone seemed ready at a moment’s notice to start a mosh pit. The energy was high as this tour’s opener walked on stage.

Morning Teleportation came out ready to have a good time with everyone involved. With a strong fan base of their own at the show, many crowded into the pit as soon as the first song. It became obvious through their set why they were a great opener for the well known headliner: their matching rock energy and alternative feel appealed to even those with no prior knowledge of the artist. For those that knew their music well, hearing some of their sophomore album released just this April was truly a treat. Modest Mouse’s own Isaac Brock was enlisted for production help for the second album, which makes this tour even more special for these rising indie rock artists. They gave their fans what they wanted in Anaheim: a high-energy feel good show to prepare everyone for a great night ahead.

Modest Mouse walked on stage soon after to the cheer and excitement of an even bigger crowd that seemed to push the venue to capacity. They opened the set with “Missed the Boat,” a crowd favorite that got everyone dancing right away. Much of their set was dedicated to their latest album Strangers to Ourselves, but they still mixed in some of their classics for a well-rounded set. The band members were very much in sync with one another, showing that years together on stage and off make for the best live performances. At one point in the middle of the show, fans started to scream song requests to the group to the encouragement of front man Isaac Brock, making for an even lively experience. The use of multiple instruments on stage including a trumpet, electric cello, and violin made for a fuller sound that not many associate with the alternative rock genre. Ending the night with a bang, Modest Mouse left their fans wanting more in the best way.

Modest Mouse is still on tour until October and coming to a city near you, so go see them out while you still can! Their next show will be in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 5th.



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