morgxn has quickly emerged as one of 2016’s rising artists. Billed from Music City, the Nashville native has taken multiple avenues to expand his product. His creative direction crosses multiple platforms, citing theatre and acting along with his musical resume. On stage, morgxn channels positivity with uplifting and inspiring lyrics. Aside from composing and arranging material, his attempt to convey a message of unity and understanding before an audience clearly displays his attributes. Having supported Grammy nominated artist Skylar Grey this fall across the countryl, morgxn returns to Los Angeles at the El Rey with an opening slot to Mike Snow.

Morgxn’s latest single ‘Love You With The Lights On’ bleeds passion and emotion from beginning to end. The ballad has begun to pick up steam with broadcast radio stations nationwide. Backstage, morgxn shared details of the creative process behind his powerful and moving single.

‘Love You With The Lights On’ Started as “You only love me with the lights off.” I was leaving a Halloween party and I was very sad because someone that I wanted to love me wasn’t giving me any time or any attention. I sat down at the piano and that was the first thing that came out. Usually chord and melody and lyric all sort of come together for me, but “You only love me with the lights off” was the first thing I said and I said it out loud. It was so sad, I deflated a little bit. I shift the wording a little bit and said “I want to love you with the lights on” I sat up a little bit and it inspired me. That song became an anchor to my record. I’ve written a few songs before that, but when I wrote that I felt this was what I wanted. My music is supposed to be a reflection of what I’m going through and what I want to say. ‘I Want To Love You With The Lights On’ just became my beacon, it was special.

On stage, morgxn incorporates a live band along with his music, creating an organic tone that many pop acts are lacking. With live instruments, his craft projects a vibrant energy and overall energetic experience.

morgxn-the-regent-theater-photos-by-jacob-gaitan-8I’ve been working on the live show for a while. I wanted the live show to be different than the record, I wanted it to be the record but I also wanted to make the live show it’s on experience. So I actually feel like I made two records because I made the record, then I went into a room and made the live show. That’s my background, I’m from Nashville, Tennessee and I wanted those instruments, I wanted real people playing those songs with me.

With roots still planted in Nashville, morgxn has recently relocated west and currently resides in Los Angeles. Quickly adapting to the fast paced environment, he weighed the pros and cons of the city of angels and shed light on the dating scene of L.A.

I feel like dating in Los Angeles is a myth. People don’t actually look to connect. I read this really interesting article that said, “People aren’t looking to connect, they are looking for a really good instagram picture.” That’s so true in dating life. But I want to find that perfect balance, I want to find someone that excites me on a personal level and also excites me on an artistic level. Someone who wants to create something and make something and I don’t know if that’s in LA. I have more hope than anything in the world, love exists and there are awesome people out there. I haven’t given up yet.

With a constant cloud of burdens spilling the airwaves in terms of news and media content, Morgxn’s ‘song Bruised’ shifts the spectrum into a positive direction. His approach to hope and healing is detailed along his track. Remaining focused and determined, he continues about finding comfort within each listener.

My duty as an artist is not to break down people, it’s to inspire and share. ‘Bruised’ was a metaphor for wanting someone the way they are. There is a line “Why are you acting crazy? You’re a work of art, ” I think people are negative because they don’t take a chance to look at the positives of what’s going on in their life. I wrote that song because I was trying to force myself to be a certain way for someone to love me. That never worked out, so instead of embracing some version of myself that someone else wants me to be, I’m going to embrace who I am which is not perfect, a little messy, and that’s what is beautiful about it.

Aside from his body of work, morgxn isn’t afraid to share his political views with the audience. Remaining optimistic at every opportunity, he expressed his thoughts about unity and peace among one another.

morgxn-the-regent-theater-photos-by-jacob-gaitan-10Music is a holy state. I really do believe that we shouldn’t be trying to build more walls, we should be trying to break them down. I think music, for me and through me has been about connecting people. If people come to my shows and feel more connected and feel less like they have a bunch a walls up and scared, they might actually take them down. That’s my dream, to provide a space like that.

morgxn often performs ‘The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry’ live, projecting confidence and bravery on stage. As a final comment, morgxn shared his musical influences and upbringing as a closing statement.

My upbringing was scared and shy. I’m Jewish and I sort of sang gospel music in Nashville which was an oxymoron to me. But I discovered my confidence in singing gospel music. Also from an early age, I was involved in theatre. I was shy as a kid, the theatre sort of unlocked that space in me that was bigger and freer and less afraid. The theatre was my background but in most recent years what music has allowed me to do is sort of unlock who I am, you can play other roles all your life but if you don’t start to know who you are there’s no depth to it.

morgxn just finished a 13-date tour through major American cities with Skylar Grey earlier in October and plans to release new music soon, plus catch him as he supports a sold out show w/ Miike Snowon 12/6 at the El Rey in LA and 12/12 at School Night! at Bardot.

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