Sunday nights Rage & Rapture tour at the Hollywood Bowl featured Blondie closing the night with support by Garbage and Sky Ferreira. Making their fourth stop of a six-week North American tour, fans stormed the bowl to witness multiple generations performing on stage. Kicking off the night, Ferreira began her seven song set list with ’24 Hours.’ No stranger to big venues, Ferreira carried herself with confidence and poise as she continued with ‘Aint’ and ‘Guardian.’ As the blistering heat of summer nights began to decrease, she concluded her set with ‘Everything’ delivering a catchy pop-driven performance.

As Garbage appeared on stage, fans immediately erupted, resulting in lead singer Shirley Manson to quickly blush and bask in the warm embrace. Manson pranced about the stage in an outfit that would make Bowie jealous with her piercing manic red hair and turquoise eye shadow. Kicking off the set list was their latest single ‘No Horses.’ Fans were on their feet from the start, as she continued the evening with a string of hits in ‘Queer’ and ‘#1 Crush.’ Mixing fast paced pop driven melodies with seductive and gritty bass lines is synonymous with Garbage and is always executed seamlessly. Manson shared that performing at the Hollywood Bowl is a 22-year-old dream in the making, thanking the audience for their dedicated support throughout the decades. Manson thanked Blondie for becoming such a prominent inspiration for her and also Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders, providing a backstory of how Hynde inadvertently became the influence for ‘Special.’ Manson invited Los Angeles Native Inara George from the Bird and the Bee to perform ‘Cup Of Coffee,’ slowing the tempo for emotional songs. ‘The World Is Not Enough’ was a flawless delivery as while fans went wild once the night regained a fast paced momentum with ‘Only Happy When It Rains.’

As the sun officially faded, Debbie Harry took the stage resulting in Blondie cheers across the venue. The queen bee herself appeared in a bee mask, raising awareness for the collapsing colonies of worker bees. The set list began with the hit classic ‘One Way’ causing everyone present to sing along and dance wildly with excitement. Harry traveled from coast to coast on stage wearing a black cape with the message ‘Stop Fucking The Planet’. Continuing the night was ‘Telephone’, providing once again that Blondie still fires on all cylinders and shows no signs of slowing down. Harry constantly interacted with the crowd, thanking the Los Angeles fans for their warm response. On stage, a very detailed visual package complimented the show, displaying out of this world voyages and city landscapes with color transitions of pop in between. Harry expressed how suiting it is to play at the bowl, while having a bowl, delivering a tongue-in-cheek joke before performing ‘Stoned’ for the pot-friendly attendees. Although the night featured fast-paced rhythms and energetic melodies, Blondie pressed the brakes momentarily with ‘Fragments’ while yelling out “Do You Love Me Now?” repeatedly in a heartfelt delivery.

Alongside Harry’s performance, the band added to an already stellar night, shifting between drum solos and guitar shredding, Blondie as a band met and exceeded all expectations. The thirteen song set list became a workout session for everyone present as the cool summer breeze collided with the heat radiated by everyone’s constant movement. Prior to ending the show, Harry thanked Ferreira and Garbage for their support, resulting in loud cheers. ‘Heart Of Glass’ appeared to conclude the evening before quickly teasing an encore. After a brief intermission, the band returned with ‘Union City Blue’ before closing the night officially with ‘Dreaming.’ Blondie personifies the term iconic and legendary, with an illustrious career spanning four decades, the Hall of Fame inductees showed no signs of wear anytime soon. Rage and Rapture tour continues through mid-August, concluding in Mexico City while making stops in Toronto, Canada, New York and Philadelphia.

Photos by: Jacob Gaitan

7:00-7:30PM        SKY FERREIRA


  1. 24 Hours
  2. Aint
  3. Guardian
  4. Blame
  5. Voices Carry
  6. YNTO
  7. Everything


7:40-8:50PM        GARBAGE


  1. No Horses
  2. Queer
  3. #1 Crush
  4. Empty
  5. Paranoid
  6. Cherry Lips
  7. Special
  8. Cup of Coffee
  9. Doomed
  10. TWINE
  11. Stupid Girl
  12. Only Happy
  13. Push It
  14. VOW


9:05-10:15            BLONDIE

  1. One Way
  2. Telephone
  3. Fun
  4. Call Me
  5. Rapture
  6. Stoned
  7. Fragments
  8. Long Time
  9. Atomic
  10. Too Much
  11. Hob
  12. Union City
  13. Dreaming

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