Friday’s are every music enthusiasts’ favorite day of the week; the day new music is released to the public. With so many tracks to listen to each week from artists you already know, it can be hard to find young artists on the rise when they release their first EPs. This week, one of those young artists is an artist named Rorie, a younger singer-songwriter who shares her stories of strength and perseverance through her beautiful melodies. Her new EP “Dawn” is her second EP release, which is a pleasant surprise since her debut EP “Singing & Silence” was released only about a year ago. With a signature electro-pop sound and amazing production value thanks to the efforts of Tommee Profitt, it’s obvious that Rorie will quickly become a well known solo artist of her own right. With two standout EPs under her belt so soon in her musical career, she is definitely one to keep an eye on in the future.

Her new EP releases today to the world, and below are the links to “Dawn.” Check it out, and be sure to keep your eye on Rorie’s journey as a thriving singer-songwriter.

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