As one of the most artistic and diverse cities in America, Los Angeles has never had a shortage of budding artists. This Tuesday night in particular, people from all over came together at the Resident DTLA, one of the quaintest and trendiest venues in Downtown Los Angeles, to celebrate a major accomplishment of one of the city’s own: Saro and his upcoming release of his second EP titled “Boy Afraid.” With the success of his first EP still fresh in everyone’s mind and his recent features in publications such as Rolling Stone, it was no wonder that this night was packed with just as many fans as there was family and friends. The Resident DTLA itself made sure to honor the occasion as well in unique ways, such as by making signature cocktails named after Saro’s new tracks. The venue proved to be the perfect location for Saro’s hometown celebration.

The night itself was continually filled with music with Saro’s artist friends giving rousing performances before his EP debut. Australian artist Banoffee gave an engaging one woman show for all in attendance, and Saro’s good friend and solo artist Stormi gave a short but heartfelt performance before Saro graced the stage.

Saro himself gave one of his most spellbinding performances yet. With his full band, his indie pop sound filled the venue as Saro sang and danced around the stage with a full heart. The lighting this night was continuously dark blue, wrapping Saro in a blanket of color only disrupted by abstract art projected onto a screen behind him, hitting his face in beautiful ways. While it was the debut of his new music this night, it seemed as though these new tracks had always been a part of him. He gave an unstoppable performance, leaving all in the audience in awe of his powerful yet vulnerable sound.

Saro is back on the road, now with his new EP “Boy Afraid” officially released. Catch him at the Valley Bar in Phoenix, Arizona, on December 15th, but if you can’t make that before the New Year, he will be one of the many talented artists at this year’s Day For Night Festival in Houston, Texas, on December 17th. Be sure to check his tour schedule in the coming New Year, you don’t want to miss the rise of this up and coming indie artist.

Photos by: Sarah Woods



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