Josu Mämmi started out his music career as a bossa nova drummer so it makes sense that his electronic music style would be a little tropical. Before the released of his newest single, “Organized Planning/Priviledge of Analyzina”, he made EDM on the minimal techno and chill house spectrum. With “Organized Planning/Priviledge of Analyzing,” however, Mämmi seems to be changing up his style a bit and taking on a more retro feel with an experimental bent.

From the opening of “Organized Planning”, listeners will feel like they’re a psychedelic 80s movie, or perhaps “Tron”. The nature of the beat is snare-heavy breakbeat to match the very ’80s synth melody. It gets a bit more esoteric towards the end with what sound like vacuum-wave synths. With all these retro elements, however, the track still seems quite modern.

Mämmi made both tracks using retro equipment: an OP-1 synthesizer and a not much newer Elektron Octatrack Sampler, so perhaps it’s the arrangement on each which makes them feel modern. It appears that “Priviledge of Analyzing” is built almost entirely from ’70s and ’80s electronic samples, so the arrangement and sound design really are key. The composition seems almost experimental. Even though it’s pretty much all samples, this track is nostalgic and retro but also very interesting and contemplative.

It’s a bit early to tell if Josu Mämmi has left his bossa nova and Ibiza sunrise set-driven roots behind yet. “Organized Planning/Priviledge of Analyzing,” are most definitely quality tracks, however, and will likely lead to more interesting combinations for the clearly very diverse producer.

“Organized Planning/Priviledge of Analyzing” are available now to stream on Josu Mämmi’s SoundCloud, with purchase links to be announced soon.



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