Niker Groze’s new single, “Shake that Booty” opens with its funky, Daft Punk-like house bassline, listeners will quickly learn why the Sri Lankan rapper chose this particular title for his fun, summery release. The corresponding video adds another layer of silliness to a track which, for all intents and purposes, is likely to inspire just the response it commands.

The disco-style bassline on “Shake that Booty” is accompanied by a snare-driven beat which is also reminiscent of disco and disco house from the 90s. Groze’s rap lyrics and vocal timbre are also quite positive and funky and will again remind listeners of hip hop eras past. One might even say that there’s a bit of the original rap song, “Rapper’s Delight”, in Groze’s delivery, though, and could be seen as yet a further nod to disco.

The video for “Shake that Booty” is cute and kitschy, posing Groze as sort of a dance cupid, wandering around the city as a mad dance phenomenon personified, getting people to get up and dance with his little heart kisses that he flings about. The video, while fun and silly, speaks to the ability of dance to unify and turn the world’s challenges into an opportunity for further unity and better understanding.

Niker Groze’s “Shake that Booty” is available on itunes and Spotify. Check out his Soundcloud page for other tracks.

Written by Layla Marino

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