With her debut single “Burn It Down” taking the indie pop world by storm, Siobhan Sainte reveals herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come. At first listen, it becomes obvious that fellow strong indie pop singers Lorde and Broods have influenced her heavily, but she retains an artistic touch that separates her from the crowd.

With a deep rich voice, she delivers each line in the new track with an underlining need to be heard and understood. Her poignant lyrics and vocal shaping of lines such as, “Are you awake… you don’t create / you just get what you can take,” brings a level of introspection one does not hear normally in the modern pop world.

With an upbeat electronic line and background vocals to compliment her moody vocal lines, Sainte brings us into a world where good and bad are not so different. The battle between two lovers to define who is ultimately at fault can be messy and heart breaking, but Sainte brings us into that dark and twisted world beautifully. The song can also be interpreted to demonstrate the inner battle one faces when growth is inevitable due to change. Her hypnotic vocal line and dark indie pop sound make her debut single one to keep a lookout for in the coming months. With her first track being so successful, Siobhan Sainte has proved to be a pop star on the rise, and nothing seems to be stopping her.

Listen to “Burn It Down” now on Soundcloud and Spotify!

So excited "Burn It Down" was added to one of my favorite @spotify playlists 'Young & Free'!

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