In anticipation of the release of Love Is Dead, the third album from CHVRCHES, the band fed our appetite by releasing the first single titled “Get Out”. It puts forward the importance of inter and intrapersonal communication in a relationship.

The as-of-yet preview video for the song is composed of nine seemingly unrelated CCTV-like recordings combined on one screen. CHVRCHES want us to play detectives for 3.5 minutes and find a connection in all of them (which is really not that difficult when you know what the song is about).


(Do not read the rest of this article before watching if you want to solve the riddle yourself first!)

Ready now? Let’s begin.

The shape of a heart appears in almost all of the videos, thus, it is safe to assume we are talking about love. The preview presents different ways this powerful emotion may be handled. For example, we see a guy on a street putting up “Friend or Foe” posters with a phone number. When dealing with heartbreak we are rarely in our right minds but rather than calling a stranger we can talk our problems out with friends in a bar, for that matter, which has been included as part of the footage as well. Then there’s also an option to write a song about it or a letter to a loved one. The emotion may be manifested by metaphorically setting it on fire or lighting up a heart-shaped neon sign. We might want to hide our feelings under make-up or au contraire – draw hearts with a lipstick on a bathroom mirror like Lauren Mayberry. Love can be reflected upon in the candle light or also, sadly, buried 6 feet under. There you have it, the gist of the kaleidoscope preview of “Get Out”.

Lyrically the song is about the significance of communication. They say opposites attract and while it might be very accurate, such relationships are not effortless. If your other half is different than you in almost every way possible, it creates all sorts of misunderstandings. Reflections you used to see never look alike to me. The trick is to find a way to get through to the other person. Talk ourselves to death, never saying what I wanted, never saying what I needed. Being very specific is key, yet in order to do that you also have to know yourself well enough to actually identify what you want. I pushed you to the edge, never knowing what I wanted, knowing what I needed you to say. Hell is paved with the best intensions. Know yourself first to be able to communicate on a desired level and then turn it around, show them how – this is the best recipe.

We are all complex kaleidoscopes composed of CCTV footage. We solved CHVRCHES’ riddle, got advice, we are now equipped to wait for the new album.

Look out for our giant faces in Times Square courtesy of @spotify

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