Webster Hall’s Marlin Room was packed to the brim on Friday night as people came from all across town to come see Liam Finn and The Bird And The Bee. People from all shapes, ages, and sizes were packed into the medium sized room of Webster to enjoy the music. It’s interesting to see how music could bring so many people together in so many different ways.

Liam Finn, in short, is an entertainer. He is not afraid to take risks as a musician, performer, and artist. He had an arsenal of synths and pedals to create a very eclectic sound, one that clearly does belong to him. Finn had a very beautiful falsetto and his ability to access it without faltering was impressive. One of the great things about Finn as an entertainer is that he is not one to get stuck behind his instrument, he moved around to the music, played different instruments, and let his performance consume him to the ultimate degree. His songs covered multiple genres but they blended into one another, creating a seamless performance from start to finish. (He even dropped a drumstick at one point, and no one even batted an eyelash.)

When the main act of the night took the stage, the crowd went wild. There was an immense love for The Bird And The Bee in the Marlin Room in NYC and it was quite amazing. The energy coming from the crowd seemed to only fuel the band as they were all smiles and Inara, who is the lead singer, could not seem to stand still and was constantly dancing to the music that they were playing.

The audience was having a good time and dancing to old hits and new. No one could really blame them, as the summary that one could give about the bird and the bee’s music is: music that one would dance to in their pajamas at 3am. The lyrics were catchy and they were easy to follow along with. The concert felt like a huge dance party.

Their music transcended across multiple genres: slow r&b, electronica, dance music, pop music, you name it and The Bird And The Bee has probably already done it. During the slower songs, Inara’s voice glided through the notes and she made it seem effortless. The background harmonies on most of the songs only assisted in strengthening the artistic integrity of the songs.

Inara took her time to speak to the audience between songs, and build a connection with them. It was important to her, and towards the end of the show she said,

“We are very lucky people, and you guys make us feel even luckier.”



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