Got the audience at “The Croc” whipped up and singing along with them last night at the infamous venue in downtown Seattle. Their songs are infectious and who can’t resist singing the back-up vocals on “Flathead” (the song was used in the iPod/iTunes commercial). But it wasn’t just that song the loyal audience was singing — it was their whole set which included many new songs of their latest album, “We Need Medicine”. So, for a little over an hour, the crowd was not left disappointed by the chaps from Glasgow. Their musicianship and ability to command the stage left their Seattle fans satisfied.

FEVER THE GHOST opened up for THE FRATELLIS and this was by far, the surprise of the evening. Their electro-synth sound forced everyone to dance and when their short set was finished everyone in the audience wanted to know who they were? This is a band to watch. Their intensity and focus made it impossible not to like. Think David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and a young Elton John and you got FEVER THE GHOST.



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