AMERA are a fusion group from Los Angeles who have been getting a lot of attention from EDM and specifically drum and bass circles, but they have said they see themselves more as a rock band with EDM/drum and bass elements. While it can’t be denied that their production and beats are strongly in the wheelhouse of drum and bass on their debut self-titled EP, that release and the single/video for “Connected” certainly show AMERA as being much more than a one-genre act.

“Connected” is the first single off AMERA, which released at the end of November, and the band recently released a video for the track as well. The track, which quickly builds to drum and bass, actually opens with a slower breakbeat and classical-sounding guitars. Producer Mikael Oganes and guitarist Donovan Beutz are both classically trained guitarists and see classical music as the basis for their work, but this opening will be surprising to drum and bass and indie fans alike. After the opening riffs, however, the track breaks down into amens (a jazz drum wave form used in drum and bass) and the indie pop and slightly psychedelic vocals performed by Brooke Adams swell and the main drum and bass beat kicks in. The song then starts to look more like a fusion between EDM or drum and bass and pop construction-wise, but it’s a hell of a way to put together a track with all these different influences.

The video for “Connected” enforces the musical aesthetic of the track. Shot in downtown LA, there are rave-like scenes spliced in with stark images of skid row as well as more rock-style visages of the band performing in the street and in a live venue. It looks like it was a really fun shoot and the band obviously love what they’re doing.

AMERA are quite clear with both their current EP and their upcoming releases that their style will always be evolving and changing, and they don’t want to be pinned down to one style. In the meantime, however, they have already been embraced by drum and bass and EDM with their debut EP, and that’s not easy feat. Oganes says their next EP will have lots of different styles on it, including but not limited to drum and bass, reggae, breakbeats and funk. Suffice it to say that music fans who have become fans of AMERA had better be ready to grow and change with the band, because they are not planning to adhere to any one style for very long.

Amera’s new EP should be out in Spring 2018. Check out their website for release and show/tour news. Their current self-titled EP can be streamed on Soundcloud and Spotify or purchased on Bandcamp. They also just released a teaser for their new video for “Dolphin’s Flight (Instrumental)” on Instagram.



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