Aradia debuted her first EP, Citizen of Earth, two years ago, and her new single “CEO” is quite different from trippy, spacey indie pop EP. For “CEO”,  “new” may be a bit of a misnomer, however, because its 70s and 80s disco sound is quite retro.

“CEO” is the first single off of Aradia’s upcoming album, and while it’s clear she as a penchant for the disco electro vibe, her classically trained voice it still fully present in this track. The lyrics express the need for empowerment around one’s artistic dreams, and she discusses how to achieve that in no uncertain terms. Within that context plus the disco music, it begins to make sense why Aradia chose such an over-the-top theme for her video for this single.

The scenes in “CEO” the video are all 80s and very camp. Aradia wears jackets with lapels so wide one wonders if she borrowed them from David Byrne’s back collection. The colors are also meant to be stark and very modern and 80s-like. In both design and in message, there’s a definite Working Girl vibe which Aradia uses to underline her point about the silliness of the corporatization of music and art, and how to declare one’s message anyway.

“CEO” is an interesting prelude to whatever comes next on Aradia’s upcoming album, as it’s such a departure stylistically from previous releases. The moral and emotional themes are still the same, however, and Aradia still seems to be all about the empowering indie pop.

“CEO” is out now on itunes.

Written by Layla Marino

Blog: (Dropping) Weird Science

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