Astral Cloud Ashes, a band from a little known island in the English Channel called Jersey, have just released their new single over a year after their debut album. Too Close to the Noise Floor introduced the indie world to the band’s unique brand of macabre pop punk, a sort of throwback to early 90s shoegaze with a punch of bubblegum punk which is at the same time adorable and evocative. “Moonphase Bloom,” released as a preview to the band’s next album, adds a little grunge to the mix.

“Moonphase Bloom” has no intro to speak of, launching right into both verse and main guitar riff. It both blends and bounces between a number of 90s and early 00s styles. Shots of Blink 182, Hum, Velvet Underground and even The Cure can be heard before the song even reaches the halfway point. The chorus sees the biggest concentration of grunge and shoegaze, which gives the track and Astral Cloud Ashes’s sound as a whole its slightly-deeper-than-pop-rock quality.

Fans of grunge, shoegaze, punk, and pop will all find Astral Cloud Ashes palatable for different reasons. “Moonphase Bloom” is a tantalizing preview of their next album which, as an indie anomaly in the current EDM hybrid climate, is certain to both soothe and excite.

“Moonphase Bloom” is out now and can be streamed or purchase along with previous releases on Astral Cloud Ashes’s Bandcamp page or on Spotify. Also check out their video for another single, “Grateful for the Ghost in Our House”.



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