The Basement Surfers are a Seattle-based collective-style band who had their ninth release in three years in the form of a massive LP called Human Music. Volume-wise, it certainly pays to have eleven people in one’s band, but the quality, interest and experimental style of this group is also stellar, and reminiscent of the heyday of indie music in the late 80s and early 90s.

Style-wise, it should come as no surprise that The Basement Surfers are hard to nail down. With so much input and so many instruments to choose from, this ever fluid and expanding band could take a new direction at any time, and they often do. In their first video off Human Music, “Friend Vicodin”, there are a number of easily recognizable influences, however, that make this track interesting and fun. The guitar is quite reminiscent of Frank Zappa, while the composition and vocals echo early King Missile. There’s also a definite although indirect nod to 90s Seattle grunge, but there are also echoes of 80s post punk and new wave a’la The Psychedelic Furs. The overall effect, however, is something quite unique, evocative and altogether different from the sum of the song’s parts.

“Psychedelic” is definitely the best way to sum of “Friend Vicodin” and, indeed, many of the tracks on Human Music, and not just “psychedelic” as in the Furs. It seems that this collective plans to keep pushing the boundaries and using its multiple members and influences to come up with new ways to wow fans. The video for “Friend Vicodin” is available on The Basement Surfers’ YouTube channel, and Human Music can be streamed or purchased on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Written by Layla Marino

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