Colvin is a super-trippy new(ish) R&B artist out of Chicago whose new EP series, Dreams of a Songwriter sees its first installment, called Nightmare released on January 23. Colvin’s work is about as close as R&B can mash itself into indie music, incorporating elements of grime, trap, electro, pop and halftime drum and bass into the highly complex fabric of each song. It’s a different kind of anything, especially R&B

With the rest of the EP kept a secret, “Nightmare” is the only track that’s been released thus far off Colvin’s follow-up EP to his 2009 album, The Story of How He Passed Away, but there’s plenty to look at on this one track.  The track opens with electro-inspired synths that create an an eerie and haunting base on which Colvin lays the vocals and beat. The vocals are R&B in style, but with the sparse, snare-driven halftime beat barely supporting them in a minimal yet effective way, said vocals take on a quality which is definitely not typical R&B.

The video for “Nightmare” is stark yet beautiful in its imagery, with four dancers in hats moving smoothly sometimes in coordination and others opposed to each other. The slick, otherworldly dancers are choreographed by Colvin himself, and the imagery here goes along with the “Nightmare” theme very well. Beautifully shot and pro quality, the video provides a stark partner for the equally stark, trippy audio vibe of “Nightmare.”

The Nightmare EP will be released January 23. Check out Colvin’s website for buy links as they become available. The “Nightmare” single is already available on iTunes, where audiences can also find his 2009 album, The Story of How He Passed Away. Colvin’s Soundcloud page also contains some interesting snippets, including a cover of the Eurythmics’s “Sweet Dreams.”



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