Create the Culture are a new trappy hip hop group from Saskatchewan who just released their debut EP, Create on November 1. The group, consisting of four friends who have known each other since high school, have a chill, slightly trippy vibe and existential lyrics. The group say their aim is to spread positivity and self-love through their music and to help young people like themselves create their own positive culture.

The first single off is called “On Road”, and it has been doing quite well critically as well as with Soundcloud listens. The beat is a straight-on snare-heavy trap and the melody is quite ambient, provided by a sort of bell-like synth. The chorus provides most of the melody and is an auto-tuned vox which also comes in and out during the verse.

Said chorus seems to be about being in an existential crisis, perhaps about a breakup but mostly it seems to be about being stuck in the rut of traveling and not settling down, perhaps searching for something and not really knowing what one’s looking for. The “vison’s getting blurred” line mirrors the ambient, sort of foggy sound of the synth. The rapped verses also center around the the sometime difficulty of following one’s dreams and following a path where one may not be able to see the end. The track is very emotionally honest in this way as it makes no apologies or concessions for always being “on the road”. It only discusses how it’s difficult to leave family and loved ones behind in pursuit of a dream.

It seems hip hop is reclaiming trap as a beat structure from EDM lately, but not always with positive results. Not only do Create the Culture seem to be rising above the normal mumble rap lyrics that are put to trap beats with interesting and articulate lyrics, but they are open, honest and ready to bring something positive and real to the culture. As their moniker claims, they Create the Culture, it doesn’t create them.

Create by Create the Culture it out now and can be streamed on the group’s Soundcloud.



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